Friday, February 09, 2007

E.T. is not a pothead...

A few of the Above the Influence ads are good. My personal favorite is S.L.O.M., and I think the kid in the Little Brother ad has a great comeback even if his big brother doesn't think so. Corny? Yes. Effective? I think it would be.

But, I cannot stand the new sketched ones; they actually irritated me enough to write this and to send an email to them. The main pot-smoking guy looks like E.T., and it's just all kinds of wrong to portray E.T. as a pothead. Besides that, they are outright stupid, and I have doubts as to their ability to be effective in any way because of that. The situations depicted are usually unrealistic and fail to even be amusing; I think when you're trying to persuade kids to change, you've either got to show something applicable to their lives or be entertaining enough to catch their attention and hold it. Who envisioned these things making a difference? The whole campaign has lost my respect because of these new ads, and I've now told them as much.

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