Thursday, February 01, 2007

Browsing from the comfort of my bed to be expected in about a week...

Why bother to give a product 1 star on a rating system where 1 star is awful but not bother to write a review? Especially considering the product in question has higher ratings and praise from other users and in general? If I'm going to take the time to rate a product poorly, then I will most certainly at least write a few brief sentences as to why I hated it.

I ordered a laptop yesterday after spending the best portion of my day researching and reviewing. For the price (if I'd thought of this before Christmas, it would have been like $150-200 cheaper...argh), this Sony Vaio was the one most users rated highly with minimal issues. The most negative things people said were that the mouse-clicks were loud and that you have to use two hands to open it because there is no screen-latch and the hinge is, therefore, very strong; I can live with that stuff much more easily than hard-drives and speakers dying in the first few weeks like some of the others in this price range had. Other complaints were from people doing things that I won't be doing, so they would not be an issue at all for me and couldn't be factored into my decision.

One site that popped up in my search for information and reviews was NexTag. Granted, the 1-star rating is for the other color choice, but it is still the same computer otherwise. Giving something 1 star without writing why you felt it only deserved that (or sometimes deserved less but most of the time you have to give a minimum of 1 to continue the review) is not at all helpful to other people, so why bother? I just don't get it. Anyway, the actual reviews people wrote at other sites were much more helpful and made me confident in my decision to purchase.

The reason I got a laptop? Well, my desktop hasn't been functioning properly since we got back from vacation. Everything I've tried to run gives me that oh-so-awesome error message that an error has been encountered and the program will have to close. I've been able to work around it by moving the error off to the side or to the bottom and continuing on my merry way, but I have a very uneasy feeling that it's a sick little computer even though the virus and spyware scans didn't turn up anything (I'm still going to try some others to see if the ones I have just aren't catching something that is there). So, since I didn't know what was wrong with it, I stopped using it, especially when it came to ordering something online or paying bills online...that's where NS's laptop came into use. Previously, I have hated using laptops. The keyboards weren't comfortable and that mouse just irritates me, but I did get more comfortable with it over the past week or so...and using the computer while laying in bed is just about the grandest thing ever! Besides, me getting a laptop will eliminate the need for my desktop, which will in turn eliminate the need for the desk in our bedroom. Have I mentioned how tiny the master bedroom of the apartment is? I know I have, but it's worth ranting about again. With the desk in the room and my little crate in front of it as a seat (because an actual chair has no chance of fitting in this space), one must either step over the crate or climb over the bed to cross to the other side of the room. I'm all for having some more floor space, and this conversion from desktop to laptop seems like a great way to get some since we won't be getting rid of the bed;>


briliantdonkey said...

twas a wise decision on your part. I finally broke down and got a laptop about 8 months or so ago, and the Desktop has since pretty much become a paper weight. The ability to use it in bed,the coach or sitting in your car is well worth the investment by itself in my opinion. As for the clumsy keys, trust me you will get used to it. Before long you will have to use the desktop and it will be THAT keyboard that feels strange to you.


Jonathan said...

The really funny thing here is that there is nothing wrong with the desktop machine - the problem you have is Windows, and it will come to haunt the laptop too.

Over time, Windows *will* degrade in performance, catch viruses, spyware and so on. It's a fact of life if you use it.

Laptops are great though - I have used one for a long time now, and it helps with family too, because you don't have to go sit "at the computer" to use it.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

briliantdonkey - The reviews I read for this Vaio (may apply to all the others as well, but I only looked at this one) said the keyboard was easy to adjust to from a desktop keyboard. I'll be a pro at both soon enough because I still use a desktop for work 5 days a week and will probably use the laptop just as many days, if not more, at home;>

jonathan - I know, I're a Mac convert;> I would've at least looked at them had I wanted to expand my shopping options, but I wanted to make use of my Sears card so that it isn't sitting unused year after year...I'm trying to rebuild my credit rating.

Heather said...

Congrats on your laptop! I'm DYING for one, because I do a lot of writing and it's hard to be inspired when your back's killing you from being crunched up at the desk. Enjoy it!

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

heather - Thanks! Those backaches are precisely why I don't spend more time on my computer at home as it is.