Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Best laid plans...

If you need some almost completely unromantic stories this Valentine's Day, I encourage you to read here.

My valentine has to work through the night, so our loving celebration will not take place this evening. I'm quite disappointed that my excessively stressed over plan will not go as I originally hoped. I scoured my brain to come up with a halfway romantic idea for NS to enjoy, and I had it completely figured out on Saturday. Unfortunately, its successful implementation depended on too many out-of-my-control factors, like my having tomorrow off from work (not possible) and mom picking up the boys from daycare and keeping them through bedtime (nope). So, although I'm sure the final result will still be appreciated, it was disappointing and difficult to alter my perfect surprise into one that will hinge on his anticipation lasting until the boys are put to the floor for the evening. At least my lingerie binge doesn't have to go to waste, and my faltering best laid plan should still get me laid;>

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