Thursday, February 22, 2007

At least they don't screw up the cut...

Is it part of cosmetology training to teach hair stylists to find some way to criticize your current hair while they're cutting it?

I thought going to the Walmart salon yesterday for my hair cut would help me avoid the usual critique I receive while in the chair; it worked the last time I went to one. Not so much this time.

Not only did I wait over twice as long as I was originally told, but the first question she asks after how I'd like my cut is, "What color were you trying for?" (in a tone that indicates she thinks it went hideously wrong but is trying desparately to not convey this message)

I just redid my color Monday evening, and I'm happy with it. I do my own color using L'Oreal Couleur Experte. While it may not quite look professional, I only spend $17 versus the $90+ I would have to pay for someone else to do color and highlights for me. I know it doesn't look terrible when I do it myself because I've gotten compliments on my hair. I certainly didn't think it warranted that kind of question; it's medium ash brown with highlights, not electric blue and hot pink.

This was actually the first time any stylist has questioned the coloring part of my hair. Typically, they go on an on about the condition of my ends and how I shouldn't color all the way down to the ends because it dries them out. Well, I believe the drying is from lack of regular trims more so than where I put color, but this sort of criticism isn't as big a deal to me because I know regardless of how they got that way, my ends are destroyed by the time I sit in a salon chair. Walmart salon lady didn't even mention the straw pieces that seemed to have been cauterized with the ends of my otherwise healthy-appearing hair.

Maybe I need to adopt a more complicated style or not describe it the way it's been described to me so that the stylists can feel more useful and stop finding faults with my hair. I've stopped asking for what I really want, the ends to be razored, because each and every time I've asked for it, it's never been done. The one and only time this was done to my hair was at a Walmart salon, and she did it because she felt it would look good on my hair, not because I asked. That was my favorite hair cut ever. It looked great whether or not I did anything to style it. I don't know why everyone else ignores my requests for the razoring, but I've stopped bothering to ask for it and just stick with the simple long-layers in back, angle-down from chin. Now if I could just get this done without additional commentary, I would be happy and might get my hair trimmed more often than once or twice a year. I suppose if I went for the trim more often, then the usual commentary would be unnecessary since my ends wouldn't be dehydrated and dead.

Anyway, I've been home all day with my boys because M had a fever yesterday afternoon and can't go back to daycare for 24 hours. I thought I might be able to take advantage of the home-time and get the apartment in order for a jewelry party I'm hosting next week, but this has proven to be very, very difficult with the two of them retrashing right behind me. I have noticed that J's picking up some quality vocabulary from NS and me: "totally awesome" and "that's what I'm talkin' 'bout" (as in he asks for cereal in his Nemo bowl and then receives cereal in his Nemo bowl...that's what he's talkin' 'bout;>). That "totally awesome" is probably mostly my contribution because I generally tell him this when he's done something I'm proud of or that he's proud of; the other phrase is fairly equal, I believe. At least he's not skipping around and shouting expletives;>


Eunice said...

I have had the same sort of experience. I can't take that kind of criticism, which is why I fork over the big bucks to have my hair done.

Jomama said...

I'm getting my haircut today. I haven't had my hair cut since September, so I just know I'm going to hear something about my ends. The stylists always seems to have something to say, and I just take because in most cases, it's true.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

eunice - Even when I go to the higher-paid professionals, they criticize the ends of my hair. Maybe if I'd asked for a blow-dry styling in addition to the shampoo and cut, Walmart stylist lady would've forgone her inquisition about my color.

jomama - Mine hadn't been cut since August;> If she'd bothered to mention the ends, I would've nodded along, and I doubt this post would have been written.