Thursday, January 04, 2007

My reality t.v. exception...

I don't like reality shows for the most part. There is one major exception, though, and I'd thought it was gone forever...Beauty & The Geek. A new season began last night, and I am so happy to have caught it;>

This show cracks me up. There isn't anything particularly riveting about it, but I cannot get over the ignorance of some (most of the male geeks on the show) and the laziness of others (most of the female beauties). These guys get so wrapped up in their "geekiness" that they don't pay attention to the majority of what is going on around them, and the women never bother to expand their horizons beyond being pretty, not because they can't but because they don't have to. I don't think the guys would be so geeky if they paid attention to what the rest of society deems normal, like not wearing knee-high red socks with a khaki and green outfit that is bottomed by shorts. And the beauties? I believe most of them could be more than just beauties if they bothered to give it a shot. Try learning something not related to the entertainment industry...surely there's something of interest. Dumb and pretty isn't nearly as sexy as smart (at least more than 3rd grade intelligence) and pretty to any worthwhile guy.

Last night's most memorable highlights from the first 15 minutes of the show:
-During introductions/pairing up, one of the beauties states her name and claims, "I'm an expert on things I know." That is definitely the new caption for this blog. I've never bothered with a caption, but seriously, who can't live up to this?
-Geek (who, by the way, does impressions...of household appliances, the blender being demonstrated during his introduction) is talking to the beauty that chose him. He is a virgin, and the girl says something about him not getting any "booty". She had to explain the use of booty to him because he assumed it related to a pirate's treasure. He said that cleared up a lot of confusion for him since he is a big fan of rap music. Then, he felt it necessary to poll the other geeks on their definition of "booty", and sure enough, every last one that was aired gave the same pirate treasure answer. This is the couple that was eliminated last night, which was for the best. Although he seemed like he would try, she was too lazy to bother and just cried at her failures.


Dr.Jeeeol said...

I sooo love that show!

Susan said...

I am an expert at what I know.

Wow. That could be the greatest thing I've ever freakin' read.

I missed the show because I was out of town. I wish I hadn't. It's one of my few reality show addictions.

Eric said...

I'm glad that someone other than my wife and I have noticed this show. It is absolutely hilarious. The women don't seem to be as open to change as they have in previous seasons. There were some really touching changes in seasons 1 and 2 when you finally see the women wanting to expand their horizons and noticing how great these geeky guys can be.

briliantdonkey said...

I have just started watching this show for the first time this year. I have to admit it ist addicting to a degree.