Friday, January 05, 2007

Glass is breakable...

Last week, returning to work from the extended weekend of Christmas, I loaded a set of picture frames to be hung in my office into my car. As I closed the door, I realized there was blood on my hand. I examined the gouge that I seem to have unknowingly received sometime recently, about an inch or two long with a solid piece of skin loosely hanging in a curl (there's a picture on my flickr). I honestly don't remember hurting myself. I checked the frames to see if any glass seemed to be protruding; I didn't see anything. Chalk it up to my clutziness.

Now, a little background. I ordered the set of 6 frames as well as another set of 3 (one 8x10 between two 5x7s) and two individual 8x10 ones all in the same suspended glass style. First set gets signed for by my apartment office. They refuse to allow NS to take it since he's not me and he's not on the lease as a resident (because they told me not to bother when I went to do that). So, I can't get it for a while seeing as they open after I leave for work and are closed before I get home if I have anything to do before coming home after work, Saturday hours may as well not exist because it is a span of 4 hours that I generally am either gone or haven't been able to leave the house during. One afternoon before Christmas, a huge box is in my foyer. I assumed a package had been left outside the door and then brought inside by my mom, although she didn't mention stopping by or bringing in the package. This gigantic box, which could easily hold a fully assembled vacuum cleaner, contains my 6-frame set. However, the only other thing in the box with this set of glass frames is a few sheets of brown paper and the invoice, and there was absolutely no indication on the box that the contents were fragile. Those frames were so out of place from where they should have been; I tried my best to see if anything looked broken. Since I didn't see any signs of damage from the atrocious packaging, I take the frames to work. I open them and find that a cable has come loose from one of the smaller frames and the back of the frame below that one is completely cracked down the back. Damn it!

Before I get a chance to contact Target about this, NS tells me he signed for an enormous box addressed to me. Now, thinking that the apartment office has my set of 3 frames because that is what Target's shipping confirmation told me it was, and knowing that my set of 6 frames appeared in my apartment shortly after receiving the shipping confirmation from Target about those, I assumed this box was my two 8x10s, even though they were supposedly backordered until mid-January. Much to my surprise, I open another vacuum-cleaner-sized box and find another set of 6 frames. The poor packaging was up to par with the last set, but I thought maybe between the two sets, I'd be able to make one decent one for my office. I reasoned that this duplicate set was sent because that one that appeared in my apartment didn't get signed for, making Target believe it was not received.

Finally making it to the office earlier this week to drop off rent, I figured it would be a good idea to grab my package. Not there. This is when they tell me that they'd thought the package might have been a Christmas gift and had the maintenance man place inside my apartment. So, no, Target didn't send me a duplicate by mistake, they simply sent two of the same set instead of two different sets...great. This ought to be fun to fix.

Yesterday, I open the second set of frames in my office. In doing so, a couple of cuts appear on my other hand. This time I feel it happen as it happens and look at the spot I just touched. Dangerously poking through the plastic is a shard of broken glass. Terrific...another set of damaged frames. And, now I understand how that seemingly odd gouge in my hand appeared last week so soon after I'd placed them in my car. As I remove the plastic, I examine the frames closely, finding that all but maybe one frame has chipped glass on the corner(s).

I think I've decided to have Target refund the money and just reorder the frames, albeit at a higher cost, from the company that knows how to package fragile items.


Jonathan Beckett said...

We can beat you on this one (unfortunately). Wendy ordered some lanterns for the garden - decorative bell jar things, hanging from wrought iron poles.

We received 4 complete sets before we finally received a set where the glass wasn't smashed in every single box.

Dr.Jeeeol said...

Hmmm- you usually blog like everyday. I wonder whats up w/ you....

Speaking of packages being delivered- we sooo scored. My man ordered me an 8x10 digital picture frame and the place sent us two for the price of one. Rock on! I get one for the home and one for the office.