Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dollars versus cents...

J's starting to catch on to what he's supposed to do...if only he could catch on about 5 seconds faster, he might make it to the toilet before wetting his underwear. Oh, and stay on the toilet long enough to pee, too.

M's not really enjoying this experience, I don't think. He seems to really want someone else to be the one to change him. I find this ironic since he generally tries to be more independent and was the one that was doing so great with using the potty at daycare, even going without telling anyone he needed to go.

Sunday morning, before I'd officially gotten out of bed (just because I've gotten up for several minutes at a time to feed children and help with sitting on a potty and changing from diapers to underwear does not mean I'm actually out of bed yet), I see J putting something dark into the toilet. I thought it might have been some dried up Play-Doh, so I jumped out from under the covers and rushed into the bathroom to see what it was before he had a chance to flush it. What was it? Why it was nothing more than a few round pieces of poop. Was it his? Of course not. M's even duped his unsuspecting brother into helping him avoid becoming potty-trained. I still don't believe J quite understands why Mommy was so insistent that he not touch anything and wash his hands. right. now. And one more time.

That incident probably shouldn't have been so comical, with so much belly-aching laughter, but NS and I did not have any difficulty at all finding humor in it;>

Yesterday, I cleaned some urine off the couch, which was from J telling me he had to go pee as he stood up from his seat on said couch and then immediately let it drain, and, later, poop from their bedroom floor. By "floor" I also mean toys and bed and shoe. How he managed to get poop onto the side of the bed is beyond my imagination skills; it looked as though he may have actually stuck his butt against it as though it were a toilet. It was a mess in there; I threw away the underwear because I just couldn't figure out how they would ever be sufficiently clean again. The dread that I felt as he came tearing out of his room, frantically stating over and over that he needed wipes, lessened the shock when I got in there, though.

Getting back to the inappropriate laughter from Sunday morning's adventures in pottyland and the title of this post, NS and I laughed too hard and for too long at a half-witted, asinine comment I made last night. Beware that this may be one of those moments that you just had to be there, but you'll probably at least be able to understand why we shouldn't have found it to be so hilarious. The fact that we knew we shouldn't have been laughing at it just seemed to make it that much funnier, and we wasted an inexcusable amount of time giggling until tears streamed down our faces. A commercial for Dollar General came on. NS made a random comment about how one gets the title of General of the Dollar...possibly from a battle. My response? With the Cents. That's the statement that sent us spiraling into uncontrollable laughter. Yes, a battle between paper money and loose change results in a Dollar General. If you're laughing, I am certain it is directed at NS and me rather than at any minute amount of hilarity that conversation may have held. You don't have to deny it; we are fully aware of how ridiculous we were for laughing at such an inane comment.

That about wraps up the excitement of welcoming the new year with potty-training. Success is sure to come before we leave for Canada on Saturday, right?

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Dr.Jeeeol said...

Worst case scenario- you can get a doggy door and the kids could go potty outside......at least it isnt on the furniture!
Rough times!

chichimama said...

You'll get there. My son took forever and a day.

briliantdonkey said...

oy vey! on the side of the bed? I can see the laughter,,,,kids are exceptional at providing chances to laugh.