Monday, January 29, 2007

Did you know?

That last paragraph from the wedding post made me realize that not dreaming of getting married in a fairytale wedding from the time I was knee-high to a grasshopper goes against the stereotype of a girly-girl and might be construed by some to be odd, and since I've seen this done on quite a few of the blogs I read and was enlightened and entertained, I figured I'd just join in with posting five lesser known facts about me...

1. Eyes
I don't touch my eyeballs. I simply can't place my fingers on my actual eye. If my sight ever needs to be externally corrected, I will be forced to wear glasses, and I can assure you that I will seek surgery for it as soon as possible because I don't want to keep up with a pair of glasses.

2. Hairy Faces
Men with facial hair generally give me a feeling of distrust. My dad had facial hair for a lot of the time he was in my life, sometimes just a moustache and sometimes a full beard. Because of the type of person he was, hair on a man's face makes me feel as though he's hiding something. Quite frankly, it repulses me. I have yet to see one man that didn't improve his appearance 10 times over after removing his facial hair. One of the now long list of things I could never understand about IFKAMH is how he could purposely grow hair on his face knowing the reaction it would produce from me because he knew why it produced that reaction. He knew about the things my dad did to me and knew that facial hair reminded me of him and therefore revolted me but didn't care, claiming it was a "man thing". Seems to me that wanting your wife to be attracted to you would be more of a "man thing", but what do I know?

3. Bling
I'm quite particular about jewelry. I have no desire to have the biggest rock of the bunch; once a center stone exceeds a carat and a half, my nose crinkles, my eyes narrow, and my eyebrows go up a notch, conveying a message of shock at the gaudiness. I love long, dangly earrings, but if they're just studs, I want them to be a much more modest size. I also have a severe aversion to round-cut stones and am usually drawn to the other end of the spectrum completely with emerald cuts. I don't like round in rings or earrings or bracelets or necklaces, yet I have been able to accept them in a pave setting, as is evidenced by the fact that my watch has several round stones (crystal, cz...I haven't a clue) set that way, and I love my watch. Watches are a pain for me to pick out as well because I need it to have all 12 numbers, not just dots in their place, and would love it even more if it had dots in between for all the minutes. But, I don't like big watch faces, either, so it's a lot to ask of a watch to incorporate all those details in something small to medium sized. I did have to sacrifice the minute-dots for my current watch.

4. Lighting
If the light isn't from a natural source, then I'd prefer to do without or with very minimal lighting instead, and I'd opt to have the minimal lighting be from a "like sunlight" bulb just to further minimize the artificialness. Another reason to dislike my apartment is that sunlight is unable to penetrate the windows in any significant amount, which forces me to use artificial lighting at all times. One of the best things about my house in FL was the amount of sunlight that we got through the windows at the back of it, which was where the main living spaces were. I never had to turn on a light during the day. NS seems to think our bedroom is a little too dim and put a super watt (150 or so) bulb in the lamp on his side of the bed. As if the universe wanted to confirm my love for barely-useful lighting in non-daylight hours as being perfectly acceptable, that bulb melted the back of his wireless keyboard. My general rule with lightbulbs is nothing over 40 watts and no more than 3 of those in a room. I have three lamps in use in my office, not including the light in the fish tank, and it's been called a cave. I simply find that it's not too harsh for my sensitive, owl-like eyes; it will be too ironic when this eventually leads to the deterioration of my sight as I'm told, again and again, it will;>

5. Free Shipping
Promotions for free shipping almost always capture me. I am the perfect sucker, um, I mean target, for the "spend just $30 more to get free shipping" option, especially if it is for clothing, purses, shoes, or lingerie (oh, goodness...I cannot buy lingerie in moderation). Even as I'm shopping I know that it doesn't make sense to spend $30 more to save $5-15 on shipping charges, but I still somehow manage to justify the extra items. It seems wrong (in my shopper's mind, at least) to not take advantage of a limited offer for free shipping while it's available.

Now, if those tidbits don't answer everything you've ever wondered about me, then feel free to post a question in a comment;>


briliantdonkey said...

1)I am the same way with my eyeballs. If I ever have to have contacts fuhhhgedaboudit! Sorry, been watching the sopranos all day.
Even Eye drops freak me out and I have never once managed to use them succesfully. Unless, having them drip down the side of my face after the involuntary head turn away counts as 'successful'.

2)I have facial hair myself and have had it in one form or another since I was 16 or so. Everyone has their(grrrr hate that word) own preferences and tastes that is just part of life. Obviously, you have a good reason to feel the way you do about it though.

5)Misery it seems really DOES indeed love company. I can be counted on to fall for this scam every single time as well even though I know better even while doing so.


Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Oh yeah, I hear you on the eye drops, too...completely forgot about that part of it.

Jomama said...

We are almost completely (sp?) opposite on everything.

1) I will touch my eyeball just to freak out my sister.

2) I can't wait til my husband gets out of the military so he can grow a beard. I think it is so sexy on him. I understand why you don't like them (I have a similar issue that I'd rather not disclose), and I can't believe your husband would do that in spite of how you felt.

3) I wear the same jewelry everyday. I'm very plain. And my watch has no numbers on it, which I used to hate, but now I don't care.

4) I like bright lights. I hate when a room is dark in the daytime; it makes me depressed.

5) I agree with you on this one. and Amazon get me everytime.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Well, at least you can join me in the free shipping trap. Seriously, it's no wonder places offer that to us...they know more than enough of us will fall for it;>