Monday, December 11, 2006

Now we can buy all the small parts and choking hazards...

M and J are officially 3 years old; that happened at 12:46 and 12:48 PM Eastern time, respectively.

They know the ABCs.
They know colors.
They know a lot of shapes.
They can count past 10, always to 11 and usually jumbled after 12.*
They are writing letters and pictures with a purpose, not just random scribbles...intentionally and legibly writing A or H or M and drawing smiley faces, although the smiley faces tend to have straight mouths.
They recognize their names on paper.
J (and possibly M, too) recognizes other words without accompanying pictures, for instance "strawberry".

So, they are quite accomplished little boys. I can't justifiably call them toddlers still; they are, in fact, children now. I realized this as I responded to some toddler inquiries cagey had recently. Toddlerhood is part of our memories (more mine than theirs) and childhood awaits. It's an exciting adventure that I hesitantly welcome with open arms.

What can't they do? Well, it's more like "won't" than "can't" because they have done it...stop peeing and pooping in diapers and/or pull-ups and using the toilet as a utility rather than a toy. So, the weekend after Christmas, I'm taking this advice and ditching all diapers and pull-ups and will wash load after load of laundry to get my point across. I know they can do it because they've stayed dry at daycare until after nap several days, but I see the reason they don't...why make the effort if no one's making them. Sure would be nice not to need to include diapers on my list of stuff to pack for our vacation in January.

*The jumble of those "teen" numbers is not specific to them, though. While buying that slurpee machine in ToysRUs, the little girl in front of me skipped 13, 14, and 15 just like M and J do;>


Eunice said...

Congratulations, now you're in for a hell of a ride. I hear they call them the terrible three's these days...

You're right though, if they are not motivated to learn, they won't for a long time. One of my fellow daycare moms was lamenting to me that her daughter had zero interest in rolling over still -- and then admitted that she and her husband run to pick her up the minute she gets frustrated and starts fussing. I had to bite my tongue, but I wanted to tell her that's why! So I think throwing away the diapers is a great approach to take. :)

Recovering Straight Girl said...

Three is a fun age, you'll enjoy it. I know everyone tells you; but it goes by fast. It seems like yesterday when my girls each turned three!