Friday, December 01, 2006

It's all in the code...

As I sat in the waiting area of the doctor's office Tuesday morning, I picked up the issue of Redbook that was on the table next to me. One of the cover headlines caught my looking-for-distraction attention. It was about ways he says he loves you without saying it (very loosely and generally paraphrased). I decided to read those couple pages while listening for my name.

The article was actually about couples using code words and phrases in place of the "I love you" expression. The "relationship experts" commenting were very much in favor of this, claiming that it supported close and intimate bonds between the pair since it was something only the two would share.

One of the women interviewed told the story of her construction-worker husband that would say, "I like you," instead of, "I love you," when ending a call from her while he was at know because of the embarrassment he might suffer from the other tough, manly men he worked with.

That, of course, got me thinking on NS and me. It seems his code phrases are: I like you and You're alright/okay. And those words always make me feel that warm feeling of love and make me want to hug him a little bit tighter. The emotion is completely sincere (and therefore powerful) when he tells me those things, and I guess I have always had at least an inkling as to what the real message was. Who knew it was such a good thing to have these codes, worthy of a Redbook cover article;>


Skyqueen said...

ohhhh I get it, so when Frank says I'm being bitchy he really means he loves me! And all this time!


we always say "I mean it" We saw it a while ago on a tv ad. Someone says thank you and it's for nothing and they follow it my I mean it.

We always laugh, but I know what you mean.


Jonathan said...

Interesting post.

I'm not aware that I do anything like that on purpose, but I do know I say "take care" at the end of calls.

I guess "I love you" gets wheeled out if I have had a few drinks :)