Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm not an addict but am a frequent user...

I can't explain why I conducted the search yesterday in the first place, but a search for Monkey's Lunch flavor of My Lip Stuff lip balm also popped up a result for the Lip Balm Anonymous site.

It never really occurred to me that the chapped feeling I seem to get more often now than before could be because I use lip balm daily, usually anywhere from once to three times. The addicts belonging to Lip Balm Anonymous seem to have a much more serious problem than I since I don't get any high feeling from applying lip balm or the smell of it, nor do I have panic attacks if I don't have it, but I have begun to realize how much more my lips seem to be peeling and cracking and bleeding if I have not applied any lip balm in the middle of the day but did in the morning and hating the half hour it seems I spend trying to smooth my lips out again by removing all that dried, cracked skin...but even then it doesn't ever occur to me to that I just need more lip balm, so I think it's safe to say I'm not quite an addict of it.

Since the age of thirteen I've used Vaseline from that big tub nearly every night before going to sleep. Back then I was also a nervous liplicker, so that's probably why I needed to use it in the first place. While that stuff does help heal, overnight, whatever plagues my lips are suffering, after reading the Lip Balm Anonymous site, I wonder if it isn't more harmful for me to keep using it when I don't actually need to. Maybe it shouldn't be used as a preventative treatment.

I am curious as to the role of lip gloss and lip stick as well. If I stop using lip balms as a prevention for dryness so that my lips can restore their own natural moisture, will I have to stop all forms of lip embellishment? Because that, that bare lip look, I'm not sure I can commit to...sometimes a girl just wants to add some color to her not-so-colorful lips, you know, and I just love to see the shimmer of gloss on my mouth. It's not an obsessive love, like I can't go an hour without checking my lips to see if the sheen is still fully present; afterall, I put on one layer of lip gloss this morning (without the undercoat of lip balm for the first time in, oh, I don't know, probably years) and haven't reapplied a single thing seven hours later. I don't need a constant freshly-applied look, but I like the traces of glitter left behind that somehow seem to better define my mouth. I am not a matte user at all. I like shiny things, even on my face.

I'll try to reduce my daily usage to just an occasional or this-is-too-painful (following the first few weeks of what was labeled by the addicts as physical withdrawl symptoms) usage because I would like to see if my lips actually have a decent amount of moisture all their own without my waxy interventions.

How very apropos that today's self-portrait for Flickr's 365 Days was a you-don't-get-much-closer-than-this close-up of my mouth;>

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Ella Harrelson said...

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