Monday, December 11, 2006

I didn't know they had a seasonal availability...

The building I work in is participating in the Salvation Army Angel Tree program this year as they apparently did last year as well. Our angels include name, age, clothing and shoe sizes, and a wish list. I chose a 3 year-old boy that had "educational toys" on the wish list. I have two 3 year-old boys that get educational toys regularly, so I thought I could easily manage that. I also chose an 11 year-old girl that had a snow cone maker as her wish. I know I've seen snow cone makers in the store before, so I thought this would be an easy one as well. I so thought wrong.

Walmart had snow cone machines available online, so I went to both the Walmarts in my area Friday snow cone machines. I never realized how disorganized the top shelves at Walmart are before. I assumed the stuff on the top shelves corresponded with what was on the lower shelves in that aisle. Not so much, but still no snow cone machine found after carefully traipsing through each and every aisle with my head cocked back and rolling side to side. Okay. Well, I've still got most of the weekend to find one.

I spent many hours Saturday afternoon online, searching and searching and searching for a physical store that had a snow cone maker, hopes raised each time I found a local retailer that had them in inventory only to fall farther and farther each time I read those "not available in stores" or "online only" words. So, I found plenty of snow cone makers that I could order online, but none of the merchants would be able to guarantee delivery before noon on the 12th (our deadline). After paying the astronomical overnight/express/expedited/procrastination-is-my-first-middle-and-last-name shipping charges, I didn't want to be stuck with a snow cone maker that I would never have wanted in the first place and not have anything to give that little girl, and so I heartbreakingly come to terms with the fact that I will not be giving her the one item on her wish list. I even seriously considered buying a gift card for one of the places and including a note with information on the snow cone maker they had, but I don't think the gift card would provide the type of excitement her family hoped she'd be able to have by participating in this program.

I did get the next best thing (at least I pray it will be seen that way), a slurpee machine. It may even be a tiny bit better since you can make any flavor you want using juices, sodas, etc. No generic-flavored syrups to buy forever and ever.

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Fringes said...

The slurpee machine will be perfect! You did good. She will be very very happy.