Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I almost got away with buying all Christmas gifts online...

My first unpleasant shopping experience this holiday season (hopefully the only one) involves both UPS and the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research.

I received a call last night as well as this morning from a man with the Komen Foundation. I had ordered an ornament for one of my co-workers as a Christmas present since she is a breast cancer survivor. Well, he's calling me because the shipment was returned to them from UPS since UPS was unable to obtain my signature for it. His message this morning had a haughty tone that I found quite unpleasant, as though I had intentionally not signed for my package. He said UPS had made several delivery attempts over the course of two weeks and then more attempts to contact me for pick-up arrangements, finally forced to return the package since I did not respond to their attempts; he then asked that I call back, which I have every intention of doing.

First of all, who the hell requires a signature for a $10 ornament?!? That was my only beef with the Komen Foundation Marketplace until this message I received this morning. Now, I'm also quite displeased with the accusatory nature in his choice of words. The first message was left at nearly 9 pm last night. The second? Not even 9 am this morning. Think it might have been a good idea to give me a chance to call back before getting all bitchy on my voicemail? 'Tis the season, right?

Secondly, my never-before-experienced disappointment with UPS. UPS always delivers to my apartment after 5. At least they did before the holiday season came around. Fine. No problem. You're working harder to get people's packages to them before 10 pm, so you might get there earlier on some days...completely understandable. But, when you make the first attempt at 2:30 in the afternoon on a weekday (12/6) and leave a note that says the second attempt will be made after 5 the next business day, I certainly wouldn't expect you to attempt delivery at 4:30 the next day (12/7). Had UPS tried after 5 that day rather than at 4:30, the package would be with me, or in the hands of its intended recipient now. Regardless, another attempt is to be made after 5 the next business day; turns out that attempt wasn't made on 12/8, the next business day, but instead was on 12/11, my boys' birthday, so I wasn't home until after 8. The note was not quite clear as to what was going to happen since other packages had now arrived as well, and it was their first attempt for those. The next day, only the other packages were received. I had no note to call about the other package, no idea when it was going to be sent back. I try on 12/15 to make delivery arrangements on the UPS site after finding the tracking information, but it doesn't allow me to do it. When do I receive the note telling me to pick up the package before 12/18 or else it will be returned to the sender? Oh, let's see...12/18 sounds good. To be somewhat fair, I didn't check my mail on Saturday, 12/16, but even if I had, I wouldn't have been able to get the package from UPS after Friday, 12/15, because they are only open Monday through Friday and the package was being returned on Monday, 12/18, so even getting the notice on Saturday would have been useless. The notice was postmarked 12/12, so in essence they gave me 3 days to receive this and pick it up. Can't they at least hold the damn thing for a week before returning it? Apparently not. UPS apologetic at all when I call? Not really, just said that the notice was sent via regular U.S. postal service, but I didn't really complain, either. It didn't really dawn on me how much I could have complained about this until after the fact, but regardless, any amount of complaining from me to UPS would have done nothing to get that package to me now.

I'm also still a bit confused as to how this package never got signed for by my apartment office since both first and second attempts were made before 5:30 pm.

So, a little recap...
Komen Foundation man says UPS made all these attempts to deliver this package and contact me over the course of 2 weeks. He even admitted in the message that the first contact from UPS to me regarding this shipment was on 12/6, so two weeks would be today, and they have already received the return shipment, so not really an accurate timeline. And, he has no idea that UPS not only didn't attempt deliveries when they said they would but that the notice they sent to me to pick it up was not delivered until that was no longer possible to do. This is why assumptions make people look like asses.

At this point, if I don't find something else for her today, then I will have it resent and will just provide her a picture with a note that it's coming, but if I find something else that I find suitable for her gift, then they can keep their little pink ornament.


Dr.Jeeeol said...

That stinks! Print a pic of it and wrap it in a cool lil box- they have awesome ones at the Dollar Store. Oh wait- maybe you better not- you might miss UPS!

Jonathan said...

Nothing surprises me any more about the delivery of parcels at our house.

On more occaisions than I can really remember, we have had parcels that required signiatures signed by the postman, and left on the doorstep.

We've even had parcels delivered to the wrong house signed by the postman.

We once found a parcel in the shed, many weeks after we had contacted the company sending it, telling them it never arrived. We didn't have any idea it had been left there...

Jomama said...

Ugh. I hate trying to get a delivery that needs to be signed for. I track the package online and it tells me that the package will arrive in the evening, but every single time, without fail, I come home to find a note telling me they tried to deliver the package at 11:30 am and they will be back the next day after 4 pm. The next day? A note telling me they tried to deliver the package at 11:30 am.

And I am amazed at the things that need to be signed for. A Christmas ornament? Seriously?