Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How to get here...

Usually people that get here by searching for something are actually searching for me. At least that would be my interpretation of search terms like "celebrate woo" and "celebrate woo woo".

A few searches leading here frighten me a little. Things involving "two boys" and "cute boys". Those are the ones I wonder about if I should and how I would report them to authorities.

Recently, though, I've gotten hits from more random things. Here's a little list:

fitting room miniskirt
That one's taking it back to July 2005.
skyqueen, florida
I believe they may actually be looking for this chic, whom I do have a link for in the sidebar.
two boys christmas video to mom
Not sure, but I think this may have been related to a commerical.
woman selling shoes to two boys picture
I doubt I've ever seen this picture...wonder if it's a good one.
lip balm machine
Who knew there was such a thing? Maybe there isn't, but they wish there was.
pull ups poo poop pooping pooing poopy pooped poopies
Potty-training? I am no help right now. I'm hoping to be able to offer some wise and experienced advice soon enough, though.
little boy peeing in the snow
Not yet. Thank goodness;>
since my husband physically abused me he has ignored me for 2 months
I am so incredibly saddened by this; I wanted to cry as I read it. I hope she finds the courage and desire she needs to escape before he stops ignoring her.


Skyqueen said...

Somethings up w/ blogger, won't let me log in. Anywho I thought it was funny that I made your list of searches!! Bahhhh!!

There ARE some weird ones out there, I'd had my share.

Crazy world of internet!

celebrate woo-woo said...

Maybe that something that's up with blogger is the reason I can't access it at work today.

The filter says that beta blogger is filed in the "sex" category. It's seriously pissed me off since I haven't been able to post this lengthy post I drafted nor can I comment on blogs using my identity.

Jonathan said...

You post the best stuff about the metrics of how people found their way here.

Since doing the fake Britney post the other day, my logs have been filled with searches for - how shall we put this - "lack of underwear"...

BeckyD said...

You know, some time I think I'm just going to write a post with nothing but crazy things and phrases just so that I can be googled. The only thing that has been googled on my entire blog is "Get Smart's Cone of Silence".
How boring! *yawn*

Anonymous said...


I still can't comment on your blog, must be b/c your on the new google blogger and they say I can't switch, either way I thought it was cool that your searches turned up my blog.