Friday, December 22, 2006

The boy's got personality...

At least, he does things that I can equate with having a personality;>

I've only had one betta fish before, and I'm not sure that I remember him having so much personality.

Marmaduke greets me. I mean, the boy swims to the front of his tank and waves his fins at me. He does this upon my arrival in the morning and when I return after being away from my office for a while during the day. He even makes gulping faces at me somtimes if I talk to him. Yesterday morning he was quite still and facing me, so I waved; he promptly propels his fins into waving as if he's returning my friendly gesture.

He seems to be very happy in his little home, wading into all the crevices and through cracks between the plant's branches.

His coloring is so gorgeous and seems more vibrant than it was just 5 days ago when I first got him. It's like he tries to show it off to me by casually gliding from one side to the other, long, silky fins splayed so the light shines through them, highlighting the cobalt blue with deep crimson accents.

I'm such an easily-awed, captive audience for aquatic life;>

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de said...

dude, hold a mirror in front him!