Thursday, November 02, 2006

Where can I get personal, weather-controlled bubbles?

Having not checked the weather forecast this morning, I dropped my boys off without jackets at daycare. I didn't mean to do this, though; I meant to bring their jackets with me as I hurried out the door, but I didn't. I realized it as I was almost at the daycare but then thought it wouldn't be too big of a mistake since it was already a moderate temperature out and had been well into the 70's for the past 4 or 5 days...wrong.

By the time I got to work, 10 minutes after dropping them off, I think the temperature dropped about 10 degrees. Apparently, it is supposed to be cooler today than the past 4 or 5 days have been. Great. Now I've got my boys at school wearing short-sleeved shirts and no undershirts with no jackets. Poor-planning on momma's part...oops.

I rather dislike watching weather forecasts, though. This wasn't too much of an issue when it only mattered if I was freezing or suffocating, but not knowing what the weather is supposed to be like affects more than my comfort nowadays, so I really should pay a little more attention to these things, I guess.

I'm fairly certain I cultivated this disdain for weather forecasts about 10 years ago, which was when I did a high school science "experiment" (I basically watched the local news and checked the newspaper for a couple weeks) on the accuracy of local weather forecasts. At least back then, they were rarely ever accurate, and I do mean rarely. So, since then I have become quite accustomed to just suffering through the weather if I've misjudged what it would be like, never relying on the predictions of weather forcasters, or "meteorologists".

But again, since it isn't all about my comfort anymore, I feel it's probably time to give them a couple minutes of my morning and a little more trust that weather-prediction has been improved over the past 10 know, like a real grown-up.


Jonathan said...

It's interesting actually - they have ploughed hundreds of billions into meteorology research around the world, and still cannot predict accurately more than about 36 hours into the future.

k8 said...

i too am guilty of under-jacketing my monkeys. god forbid my mother finds out...

apostol said...

I'm fear Al's teachers assume I'm drinking heavily, thus incapacitating me to the point I send my child off to school in his scooby doo windbreaker ONLY on the days we have rain, sleet, and or snow...Never fails.

Ace Gopher said...

As the resident weather vane for my family, I often get asked if my two girls should wear pants, capris, or shorts. Sometimes I get it wrong :-).

You might be interested in my website, ForecastAdvisor which rates the accuracy of weather forecasts.