Sunday, November 26, 2006

Random thoughts of the weekend...

* Saw Stranger Than Fiction...wondering if NS and I have a fantastic sense of humor or just a weird one.
How can you not laugh at a scene where questions like, Have you ever been made of wood or stone?, Are you the king of anything? (elaborated on with suggestions of being the king of the lanes or trolls living under baseboards), or Do you have any magical powers? are asked with earnestness?
* Watched Love Actually...mostly smiling and gushing at the triumph of genuine love, but saddened to tears by a woman's purposeful and persistent pursuit of her married boss and the fact that he could consider risking his marriage for an obviously immoral and unscrupulous tramp.
* Why am I craving ice cream so much with the chill of winter so close?
* Pumpkin pie, green bean casserole, and egg nog are my favorite tastes of the holidays.
* Maybe losing all my previous Christmas decorations and tree isn't too terrible. Starting over can be refreshing.


fringes said...

I love ice cream in the winter. It lasts longer.

Yum, I love green bean casserole!

Jonathan said...

Isn't it interesting how thoughts can connect across the internet. I was only thinking of watching Love Actually last night, and didn't because the Alan Rickman / Office Tramp story is so upsetting.

Even saying that, I love "Love Actually" - one of my favourite movies. The closing scenes with Colin Firth and the cleaner are absolutely brilliant.

We saw it at the cinema at Christmas a couple of years ago, and came out with tear stained cheeks, and huge smiles.

Tink said...

brocoli rice and cheese casserole, pecan pie, stuffing are my favorite flavors of the holidays.