Thursday, November 02, 2006

No scary boos here...

Halloween was a pretty good time this year. The boys were more aware of things this year than last, which reminds me of how amazing it is every time I realize how much they've grown.

Curious George has never been cuter;>
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Who wouldn't want to capture this Nemo in their fishing net;>

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We started the day off right by trick-or-treating the hallways of my workplace bright and early at 8 am. M and J racked up quite a bit of treats from this: chocolate chip granola bars, smarties, laffy taffy, crunch bars and crunch bars with caramel, and even a couple bags of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies. And since I was dressed as Ms Grammar (I'm employed as a technical writer, was funny), I managed to snag a couple treats, too;>

A couple of the other girls I work with dressed up, too. One was Frodo Baggins (she's a fanatical devotee of Lord of the Rings and hobbits in general), and the other was a gypsy. We all posed for pictures in the lobby. M and J are not at all camera shy; perhaps they've been taught a little too well how much fun posing for pictures is...

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Of course, the sugar-high was starting to affect them, so I rushed them off to daycare where they were given more candy and other goodies during their Fall Festival party...whose idea was it to give so much candy to other people's children without anything for their parents?!?

Anyway, after picking them up at the end of the day, we set out a bowl of goodie bags for our trick-or-treaters and then headed to the mall for dinner and our own beg-for-candy walk. I was all excited as we sat, eating our Chick-Fil-A meals, watching other kids parade by with bags filled to the brim with treats; this was looking to be much more promising than last year.

But, it seems the stores were not well-prepared for this event because although we started barely half-way through the 3-hour scheduled timeframe, many of the stores were already out of candy. I was also very disappointed with the "children's" stores, except Gap Kids because they did have stickers to give out. Gymboree gave out a coupon for 30% off, limited to use one specific week of this month...and it was only one per family. The other children's clothing shops weren't even participating (unless they were part of the ones that ran out of candy early, which still leaves me with a disenchanted impression); neither was the Picture People store, who should so desperately want pictures of cute kids in costumes to advertise with that I'd think they'd offer a free 8x10 as they do so often. While we collected a decent stash for some not-quite-3 year-old boys, if I was an older child, I would have felt a little cheated, especially if my parents didn't get off work until later and couldn't get me to the mall until 7 or so.

J handled trick-or-treating like a pro. He stopped and held out his pumpkin bucket/bag (not sure which one it really qualifies as) and then kept moving. M, on the other hand, was totally wired. He's a tad smaller than J, so maybe the sugar from the earlier part of the day was just having an easier time taking over his system. He wanted the candy placed in his hand rather than his pumpkin, and once he got it, he wanted to stop and examine it and, if it looked good enough, hold on to it. Double-fisting his candy did not make it any easier to get more candy for him because then he'd have to figure out what could go in the pumpkin so that the new candy could be placed in his now free hand. And when we had to wait behind other children for candy, the boy just fell out on the floor. He wasn't upset or even causing a scene; he was just on the floor, rolling around and having fun, but when our turn came, he was too busy with this highly enjoyable activity and had to be firmly guided over to the candy-giver-outer, which sometimes held up the line (agghh...sorry). At some point he even decided it would be so much fun to run and then hit the ground on his knees and slide. Of course, it was probably a lot of fun; it looked like fun; J thought it looked like fun and started doing it, too. We somehow managed to convince them to just walk the rest of the way and finished up quickly.

It wasn't too late by the time we got home, and the boys got situated on the floor and passed out next to each other with pumpkins of candy by their heads (they couldn't eat it, so it had to be right. next. to. them. in order for them to fall asleep). I was a little saddened by the fact that I didn't get to take as many pictures of them trick-or-treating as I did last year, but maybe next year will prove a little easier now that they're beginning to understand what they're supposed to do;>


Dr.Jeeeol said...

Wow- they really pose well for the camera!

k8 said...

i love the costumes.

Melissa said...

Adorable! And Ms. Grammar? Hilarious.