Tuesday, November 21, 2006

How to express love without saying, "I love you"...

Tell me, with believable sincerity, that I was cute when I was sleeping.

By "sleeping", he meant that half-hour that I was laying nearly face-down on the pillow next to him, with my tongue falling out of my open mouth every few minutes because with the drones in the snot factory working so much overtime that my nostrils can't drain fast enough and are getting backed up, my mouth was the only means of gathering oxygen for proper brain function. Yeah, I'm sure I looked cute when I was sleeping;>

He either wanted me to go back to sleep with hope that the extra rest would cure me or was afraid if I didn't go back to sleep that I'd be complaining all night in a charmingly nasal whine. Since he keeps asking if I feel better, it may actually be the former.

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