Friday, November 17, 2006

The guidelines for this place...

I read this post of fringes and because NaBloPoMo is bringing many more new visitors, I thought it a marvelous idea to post about the "house rules" of our blogs. So, these are mine:

I blog about all sorts of topics. This is a dumping ground for my mind. There are personal experiences, thoughts, and issues posted as well as just random musings, ponderings, and observations. Despite being able to focus quite well in real-life, this blog is not focused on anything in particular. If I've been inspired by a post on someone else's blog, then I will often incorporate a link to it in the post, just like I did for this one.

I post pictures of my children fairly regularly and will sometimes include pictures of myself and/or NS or even my canine called Big Dog. I've found a new appreciation for carrying a camera with me at all times in order to capture some moments of time that I hope never to forget.

I welcome any and all comments. I've tried to make it as easy as possible to comment if you'd word-verification required. You don't have to have a blog or even identify yourself. Anonymous comments are enabled, so use it if you are so inclined.

I do not always respond to comments. I read them all (even if it is a new comment on an older post) as they are forwarded to my email, but unless a question has been posed, I don't specifically make a concerted effort to respond. I am, however, attempting to comment more often on the blogs I read and to visit the blogs of those that leave comments here.

If your comment is mean-spirited, ill-informed, or just plain immature, it will not be deleted and *usually* will receive no further acknowledgment from me. The reason it will not be deleted is because it is more embarrassing for and defining of the person that left the comment than me, and the reason I won't acknowledge it is because this blog is for me, and me only, so I don't hold judgmental, outsider opinions of my life in high regard. I am aware that opening up my life for others to read opens the gates for comments like these, but they don't offend me, so they've never made me want to curl up in a ball in the corner or stop posting.

That being said, I rarely delete any comments but certainly have had reason to do so in the past. Those that have been deleted include: duplicates, spam, and those that might reveal more of my personal information than I'd like to have readily available here (e.g. real-life name or more specific location than my state, which happened once and only once).

I believe those cover the loose guidelines I follow. These will now be known as The Guide to Woo-Woo's Blog and will be posted in the sidebar. Great idea, fringes (and everyone else that had the idea before;>).


Fringes said...

Wow. This was a great post. Extensive, informative and personal. I've never had to delete a comment. No one has been mean or stupid on my blog ever. But I have deleted duplicates and, once, I moved a comment to the correct post. Someone not paying attention was answering in the wrong spot.

Great job on your explanation. Geez. Awesome.

Mombat said...

What a great idea. House rules! I'm going to do this too.

Jonathan said...

I have an about page - but it's not as informative as your page :)

I just warn idiots that I reserve the right to write about their comments or emails if they harass me :)