Friday, November 03, 2006

Fresh AzHEiz...

Reading jonathan's post yesterday made me think about how strange some things that trigger distinct memories are. That's not exactly what his post was about, but I'm pretty good at stringing random thoughts together via some strange connections, and since it all goes on inside my head, silently, the statement or question that emerges from my mouth as a result of the final connection usually ends up making me giggle because someone gives me the look that says, "Where the hell did that come from?" (Sometimes, I even get the words with the look.) Trust me, this connection isn't nearly as far a stretch as some of the ones I come up with.

Anyway, the Bow Wow song, Fresh Azimiz, reminds me of NS. Every time I hear this song, I am back in his car, out on a date, laughing at his sing-along performance. This memory makes me smile. I don't know what makes this such a special moment, but it is a good one, so who cares why. So, when NS calls me, Bow Wow serenades me with lyrics about how I ain't fresh azheiz, and I smile, then answer the phone;>

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Jonathan said...

The weird thing about stringing random thoughts together is when you do it in your head, having left a conversation with somebody for a few moments - and then return with an apparently random subject... (which isn't random of course)