Saturday, November 18, 2006

Do you think you want this?

Earlier this week, there was a post by kristine detailing her lack of parallel parking skills. A few of the comments referenced those "new cars" that do it for you. Those "new cars" are the new Lexus LS luxury sedans. You may have seen the commercials. You may have even thought that sounds like a super luxury to have. Well, you might have also thought it could be too good to be true. Want a demonstration? Take a look* at this video clip.

* Warning: You may find yourself shouting at your monitor, over and over, in between bouts of laughter, "Just park it yourself!" (and other more emotionally expressive variations;>)


Skyqueen said...

Frank and I ALWAYS call bullshit when we see that ad. How freakin lazy can you be. Just park the car. On the upside it makes my parking skills look GOOD!!

Funny video. Stupid feature

In Otter Space said...

I love to parallel park.

I think those self parking cars are about as smart as a hummer.

Jonathan Beckett said...

That was a really bad example though... the auto parking systems are based on you placing the car in a particular place to start with (for things such as parallel parking).