Friday, November 10, 2006

Appealing to woman's logic...

I just returned from one of my visits to the office's ladies' room. I was disgusted to find used latex gloves on the floor next to the porcelain and drops of urine on the seat...and also with the fact that the woman in there with me turned the water on with a handle, washed her hands, turned the water off with that same handle, then used that same wet and recontaminated hand to repeatedly push the lever on the paper-towel machine.

You see, my post-flush routine (of course followed by the redress) is:

1. Push paper-towel machine lever once in order to produce a palm-sized paper-towel.
2. Turn on water.
3. Wash hands.
4. Tear palm-sized paper-towel produced in Step 1 from machine.
5. Use palm-sized paper-towel to turn off water and then to push machine's lever a few times to get hand-drying-sized paper-towel.
6. Tear away my hand-drying-sized paper-towel from machine with one hand, then use palm-sized paper-towel with other to produce another hand-drying-sized paper-towel for next hand-washer to be able to use.
7. Throw away palm-sized paper-towel.
8. Dry hands and leave ladies' room by using hand-drying-sized paper-towel to open door and then foot to prop door open as I throw hand-drying-sized paper-towel back to trash can.

This may seem a tad OCD on my part, but it just seems like a reasonable way to not waste the effort of washing my hands by re-exposing them to whatever germs I'd assumed were on them when I turned the water on in the first place.

And the pee spots on the seat...ladies, I'm thoroughly disappointed to encounter this sight in our own restrooms; we know better. Doesn't everyone check the seat before leaving the stall? It's the same rule I wish most men would follow: If you can't keep it inside the bowl, you clean up the overflow;>


Jonathan said...

I am always amazed at work to find the mess people leave the restrooms in. It really shocks me sometimes...

I'm not going to recount the stories here and now because it would turn your stomach.

happy and blue 2 said...

Maybe the woman used the gloves to keep her hands clean while she used the facilities and then discarded them when she was done, ha,ha..

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

jonathan - I no longer have expectations for any amount of cleanliness from men's restrooms. They really just don't seem to care; they want to get in and out as fast as possible. Women, though? We already dawdle in there to fix our hair and check our teeth, so would it be too much to expect that we leave the place in decent order...I think not.

happy and blue 2 - That could be an option. I also thought it may have been the remnants of evidence that we have a cleaning crew.

Dr.Jeeeol said...

Bathrooms are just gross.
I saw the worst ones though on Dirty Jobs w/ Mike Rowe (the best show ever!)