Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekend, part 1...

NS and I went to NC over the weekend for a wedding. I went to work for a few hours Friday morning then left to go to a couple places and get stuff I still needed for the trip...and proceeded to get soaked from rain, which slowed so much just as I finished that you'd wonder how I got so wet in the first place. After that, I went back to the apartment to finish packing my girly essentials, like a hair dryer and other styling products, as well as just plain essentials, like bathing and teeth-brushing stuff, and washed dishes before driving to NS's place.

Now, the directions I had printed tell me this 221-mile trip is expected to take 5 hours and 39 is that possible?!? Well, it actually doesn't; we make it from his place to the hotel in just about 4 hours, stopping for lunch and gas/restrooms on the way. It wasn't like we were driving so fast, either. The speed limit was 55 mph nearly the entire time, and we rarely even broke 70 because it was raining or at least wet most of the way. Traveling at 55 mph for 221 miles is only 4 hours, so I am confused as to how the driving directions from both Google and Yahoo place this trip at nearly 6 hours. Anyway, besides just the discrepant timeframe, the directions are just flat-out terrible. How many times do I really need to read to continue down the same road? Continue on 17. Continue on 17-S. Continue on 17-BYP. Bear R on 17-S BYP. Continue on 17-N. Trust me, these steps were completely useless and unnecessary. We never noticed if or when 17 was changing from S to N (supposedly) or when we were "bearing" one way or another to "continue" on 17. The overly detailed description of the road we were on just made me worry that we'd beared the wrong way since the road didn't seem to change as the directions claimed it should have. I can understand if the road's name changes, such as North Road to Main Street to Box Boulevard, but not when it is just the highway number you're following the whole trip. Please just tell me to continue on 17 for 90 miles before putting where I'm supposed to turn instead of telling me 14 times which 17 I should continue on. Despite all that, we didn't miss any turns, and the turns were where they were supposed to be, although the hotel was a little farther than the directions indicated, in my opinion, which is probably why I originally had us stopped at the wrong Comfort Inn;>

So, we made it there safely and the rain basically stopped shortly after we got checked in to the hotel and settled in the room. We ate dinner at a Japanese steakhouse. It was terrific. I believe this particular one had the largest portions of any that I've been to before. The sushi was 6 or 8 pieces per order, and we both had about 3 pounds of rice each with the meal. The soup was perfectly seasoned, and the ginger dressing was yummy (still not as good as the Kobe's in FL, though). The chef even did a trick I haven't seen done before, and it was highly entertaining. While cutting the tails off the shrimps for the shrimp cocktail appetizers, he flung one of the tails across the room and onto the hibatchi grill of another chef. It was so unexpected and hilarious, even more so when the other chef launched it back over to our's and the two continued the shrimp tail toss for a few more rounds. So, I am nice and full for the bachelorette party planned for that night...

More when I can post pictures;>

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Dr.Jeeeol said...

Your killin me! GA Girl just told me some of the details and said that you would post pics!!!
I cant wait!!!