Friday, October 13, 2006

Weekend, middle and finale...

I arrive at GA Girl's room at the hotel around 9 pm, which was the time written on the invitation. It seems as though it may just be the two of us with the bride-to-be and another friend, E. We wait and wait. GA Girl attempts to track down E and the bride-to-be, no luck. We take out all the stuff she's going to be forced to wear for this event and decide what we'll each wear should she not show up at a reasonable time. She finally gets ahold of the groom-to-be around 1030 and finds out it'll be about another half hour before we see them. So, they show up, and we dress her up nice and purty before heading out;>

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The first place we see that seems to be open is a billiards hall. We pass the parking lot a couple times and end up parked on the street. Once inside, we all decide what we want to drink. No one has decided on beer, but the place only serves beer...phooey. But, the bartender tells us about a place across the street that has liquor to serve, so we leave to embark on a search for tequila and vodka across the street.

We find the place, but it seems very closed. There was a seafood festival going on this same weekend, which was just closing down at this point, so GA Girl decides to ask someone if they know of an open bar. They direct us around the corner to the back room of the same place, which is very much so open. We walk in without anyone even attempting to check IDs. We make a zig-zag beeline to the back where the bar is to order our first round. Because this seems to be the only bar open in this area, the place is a bit crowded, and the four of us end up stuck in the back corner...not that it was a bad place to be since we basically secured a cozy spot next to the bar and didn't have to fight our way in to order drinks;>

Let's just say that this town in NC must be scarcely populated because they had all the classics of a small redneck town: men with barely any teeth, those that don't seem to have seen women they aren't related to in a while, and not much diversity (if you get what I'm sayin').

E makes the mistake of asking one of those guys that hasn't seen a woman he's not related to in a while to sign T's willie shirt. He had already been loitering nearby in our corner, staring at us, and now he's been encouraged by one of the "insiders". He signs her shirt and then talks to us a little bit. At some point he asks what kind of shoe I have on. My pants weren't terribly long, but I was still wearing some heels, which shouldn't have been terribly hard to see since the pants weren't that long. Oh well, I lift my foot up a bit so he can see the shoe. This man actually leans over and reaches out and tries to remove the shoe from my foot. Thankfully, it doesn't slide off easily and the other girls quickly dissuade him from trying any harder. Before deciding that he should leave us alone because we are thoroughly filled with heebie-jeebies by him being so close, he feels compelled to tell me that I am a very beautiful woman. Thanks. Somehow it doesn't hold much value coming from him, not to mention the fact that he was drunk, and I'm sure we are all aware of how stellar the judgment of a drunk is;>

An older gentleman (loose interpretation of that term) with maybe four teeth or so attempts to speak to us. Even after a few tries on his end, none of us decipher any of what he said into words.

We amuse ourselves for a while before the DJ finds us, including GA Girl drawing a lovely representation of the groom-to-be's willie on T's shirt.

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E ends up doing a karaoke duet with some random stranger...decent enough guy, though, since he was the only guy to buy us a round of drinks like the DJ instructed the men in the bar to do.

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All in all we had a great time: T, E, and I drunk as hell (GA Girl was the know we love her to pieces;>) with less than $100 spent and leaving as the bar was closing.

Apparently T tossed her headband on the drive back to the hotel, and I snatched it up and brought it back to my room, although I do not recall this. I remember peeing after I got back to the room and managing to strip down to my second layer of clothing before climbing on top of the bed. NS woke up around 4 or 5 to use the facilities himself and stumbled across blinking penises (probably not the correct pluralization, but I don't really's the best one) and finding me passed out in much less clothing than I usually sleep in and on top of the covers, which is just completely absurd since I generally freeze in temperatures below 79 degrees. He told me the next morning about this and that he asked me if I was cold. My reply: "God, yes, I'm freezing." So, he promptly tucked me safely under the warmth of the sheets and blankets;>

We all go to breakfast in the morning. T and E had regurgitated most of their tequila the night before. I was still holding up well besides a headache, probably because I had eaten so well before we had so much fun. That lasted until I found myself downwind from E's morning cigarette. I immediately began feeling less than okay and ended up getting rid of some bile churning in my stomach before we made it across the street for breakfast. I felt better as we sat there...until I caught a whiff of some other smokers' morning cigarettes. That sent me in a rush to the bathroom, where my body apparently felt I should not be carrying around so much liquid and stomach acid.

T wasn't able to make it through breakfast, but I ate some of what I ordered, and the others ate the majority of theirs. GA Girl and E went back to the room with T; NS and I went to hang out in our room until wedding time. I fell asleep during a movie I wanted to see despite having been incapable of nodding off during a show that I had already seen a couple nights before. The headache seemed to be gone after the nap, though, so I was feeling good. It came back a bit after my shower, but some Pamprin after the wedding ceremony knocked that out.

The wedding was very nice. I'll refrain myself from cracking jokes about how late the bride (along with her entire bridal party since they were with her) was for the event because the remainder of the evening was lovely.

Before we'd gone out for the bachelorette party, GA Girl, E, and I decided we should get tatoos after the wedding. It's been some kind of tradition in our circle of friends for someone to get tattooed post-ceremony, although this is the fist time I've been a participant (my others have been gotten under different circumstances). So, after going back to the hotel to change into more appropriate inking gear, the three of us find the closest tattoo place, which as it turns out is the only place nearby. We've all got issues: GA Girl is looking for a cover-up of a lizard she's been disappointed with, I'm looking for a butterfly that will mesh well with my other tattoos (which is not likely to be one just hanging on the wall), E isn't sure what she wants in a tattoo but doesn't want it to be too expensive (and they weren't allowed to pierce her other nipple, which she would have been happy to have done). GA Girl finds an awesome new lizard to cover the one she isn't so fond of, and I find a couple different butterfly pictures that are transformed into exactly what I wanted; E finds a great Celtic tattoo, but it is over her budgeted price with no negotiating allowed. GA Girl seems much more pleased with this lizard; I think he's pretty damn cool, too. The tattoo artist had some weird idea that I'd been drinking the night before because I was bleeding pretty bad. The bleeding didn't make it hurt any worse and it still looks good, so I guess it didn't matter too much.

As sad as it was that I waltzed right out of the hotel room without my camera before we left for the wedding, I made sure to have it for the tattooing;>

GA Girl's new lizard
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My new butterfly
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I feel like this is my last tattoo, but GA Girl doesn't buy it. I think I may alter or touch up some of my others (I have one on my upper back that desperately needs to be redone, and I may add on to the one on my breast in honor of more children since that is what the two daisies there currently represent), but I can't see myself putting a completely new tattoo anywhere else. I guess only time will tell, though.

I stroll back into the room around 2, which awakens NS (I don't think he was in deep sleep, though). I show off my pretty butterfly; he tells me it's cute; we sleep soundly until morning.

We grab breakfast/brunch/lunch (meal change at the Golden Corral) with the bride, groom, E, and GA Girl before getting on the road. On the drive back home, we hear the most awful song I think I've ever heard, but I could not stop crackin' up. I mean, if I was a snorting type of laugher, I would have had trouble breathing because I was laughing so hard that I would surely have been hyperventilating. Instead, I am the kind of laugher that has a silent laugh when it's really strong and that has tears forming in the outside corners of my eyes that then stream down my cheeks...and that is exactly what was happening in the car as I listened to "Chicken Noodle Soup (with a soda on the side)." I was basically hysterical with laughter, my body shaking a little, too, so that I was half-sliding down the seat. NS got the song from his roommate on Monday, so we got to listen all over again;> Now, we've just got to track down that "Fried Chicken" song dr. jeeeol says rivals this monstrosity.

By the way, the return trip was just as quick as the trip down and without incident.


Dr.Jeeeol said...

Yeah for pictures! Wow- I was expecting itty bitty tattoos- you guys are ballsey.
They look pretty!
I dont understand why GA Girl didnt get a UCF Pegasus though......

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Girl, this was #5 for me...I don't do itty bitty any more. Made that mistake with the first one and now wish it was more in-scale with the others;>

Skyqueen said...

WOW!! Crazy trip! Cool pictures, don't let any scum bags touch your shoes. That's rule 1

Awsome ink! I didn't know Amy had a lizzard, any others she's gotten since the Orlando days?

Glad you had fun.

Mommy off the Record said...

Wow, you girls know how to have a good time! I mean, blinking penises? That's when you KNOW it was a fun night.

Congrats on the new tatoo. Looks great! :)