Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Quite possibly the world's most perfect drink...

While exploring the options with my recent discovery of the greatness of white tea, I found a variety that also contains pomegranate.

Now, this just may be the most ideal health drink ever made because not only is white tea better than green tea, but pomegranate is better than green tea, too (possibly also better than white tea), so the combo of white tea and pomegranate should give me everlasting life as far as I can tell;>

Really, though, I think maybe this new tea kick I've been on may have contributed to the bleeding issues during the tattoo more so than the tequila since one of the best benefits of white tea, green tea, and pomegranate is their purported ability to prevent unwanted clots that put strain on your heart. I doubt that the stuff differentiates too much on the clotting episodes...flow to the heart, needle grazing beneath the skin above the ankle, whatever, just keep the blood flowing.

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