Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Massages, rubbing boobies, and cool pictures...

The company I work for had a women's health fair today. It was a great way to spend the morning. We all got an hour and half to go and look at the sponsors' displays and grab samples and freebies and get a flu shot if we wanted (the shots were offered to everyone, not just the women). Also on the list of activities:

* Flexibility testing (lower back) - I scored in the excellent range for my age bracket...more kudos for yogalates;>
* Bone density testing - I am not old enough for this, though.
* 10-minute massage - Oooooh, how wonderful. If only it could be a daily offering.
* Fake breasts to perform exams on - These were to aid us in what to look for during self-exams. There was one with no lumps, one with fibrocystic tissue, and another with some various-sized lumps. Holy crap...this scared the begeebus out of most of us. Trying to find all the lumps in the one that had lumps was next to impossible. My fingers hurt from pressing hard enough so that I could find the pea-sized one. And the one with fibrocystic is already super-dense, trying to find a lump in that thing seems like it would be a futile effort. So, I'm definitely going to continue to support finding the cure for breast cancer; if we could manage to eliminate it so that worrying about whether or not you'll be able to find a lump would be totally unnecessary, that would be fabulous. So, I bought a couple pair of cute socks with pink ribbons on them;>
* Pictures to reveal sun damage on your skin - This wasn't as bad for me as I had anticipated since I was once a devout sun-worshiper. The summer between my junior and senior years of high school, I spent a couple hours every day outside without the slightest SPF protection...stupid, I know, but at the time I wasn't worried about skin cancer and figured I'd just be a tanned, wrinkled lady as I got older instead of a pale, non-wrinkled one. I have mild sun damage, concentrated on my nose and forehead. I am now a pale-skinned embracer, so maybe the damage won't worsen too much over time.

I started to feel a bit guilty about the massages we got. I wonder if they offer a men's health fair with free massages...I doubt it since I don't envision men lining up to read displays about prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction, and I don't foresee the bribe of a 10-minute, non-erotic massage helping at all.

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