Thursday, October 05, 2006

It may be a lost cause...

I never did disclose the outcome of that plan to promote a tolerance of the Y ChildWatch room for M and J, the plan that involved me spending time in there with them and then trying to leave them in there for a little while and then take them swimming afterwards. Um, well, simply put: plan did not work.

NS and I went to the Y Saturday morning. As soon as we approached the playroom, M cowered into NS's shoulder as though we were delivering him to terrorists that would torture his beloved puppy with daily washings and refuse to read the Curious George stories at bedtime. We decided to just take a walk to the back of the Y where there is a Youth and Family room. I had mistakenly believed there were some things in that room to entertain smaller children, but there's only a few pool tables. At least, I think that's all there is...M declined to go in that room as well, in his toddler-ranting sort of way. We then thought about trying the basketball court; it was practically empty. "No" is what I believe M's shrieks were trying to convey about that idea. So, it isn't just the playroom, but it isn't exactly all the Y rooms, either.

I figured we would just go with the swimming idea after all the others had failed so miserably. The locker room? No problem at all. The pool? Not a single issue; in fact, we were in there for about an hour.

I wish I knew what it was that he hated so much about the other rooms. I'm more than a little baffled by his reactions.


Mommy off the Record said...

Hmmm. That IS a mystery. Maybe M just knows that there's a pool there and isn't happy until you go swimming??

Good luck figuring this one out!

Sarah said...

I think he doesn't like childcare rooms. Do they go to childcare during the day? I remember it making me so sad when I was a kid. And I grinned and beared it because I knew it was in order...but if you tried to take me any other time or leave me with a babysitter it would upset me. I think he wants to be with you -- not anywhere else.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

mommy off the record - I guess he could just be looking for a dip in the pool. I've always loved being in the water myself;>

sarah - That was the theory I originally had...that he just didn't want to have to be playing away from mommy again, which was why I decided to stay with him for a while before trying to get away, but he just wasn't having it and he freaked at almost all the other rooms, too, even though they weren't playrooms, so it was really strange.

I'll probably try again this weekend...maybe. At worst, we just play in the pool together;>