Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm pretty sure candy and dairy is a balanced diet...

Since it was too cold and wet out to go to the local seafood festival yesterday as originally planned, I figured I should really go to the store to get some milk and dog food...and while I'm there, why not grab snacks and Halloween candy;>

As we near the end of our shopping trip, heading towards the registers, which seem so vacant for being the middle of Sunday afternoon (but, isn't that always the case?), I take notice of what my cart consists of. Besides the two toddlers taking up a fair amount of space, M's got a lap full of: a bag of dark russet potato chips, snack packs of Cheez-Its and Oreos, gallon of 1% milk, bag of peanut M&Ms (the pink ones to contribute to The Foundation), two bags of some kind of Halloween trick-or-treat candy, and a bag of candy corn. J? He's in the big part of the cart, surrounded by: Very Vanilla Silk soy milk (nothing's a better topping for Vanilla Creme Shredded Wheat or sweetly flavored oatmeals, like cinnamon & spice or maple & brown sugar), bag of pull-up training pants (with Velcro sides because the daycare insists they must have these), a box of white cheddar Cheez-Its, a bag of plain M&Ms (also the pink variety), another bag (maybe even two) of Halloween candy for the trick-or-treaters, a bag of pumpkin candies (you know the ones...made from the same stuff as the candy corn), a package of cookies to take to daycare for their party next week, a bag of blue corn tortilla chips, and a bag of shredded cheese...not to mention my stash of dark chocolate hidden behind the diaper bag, out of reach. The diapers and canned dog food were on the bottom of the cart.

That elderly, gentlemanly cashier and perhaps the people behind me in line, too, were probably wondering if these two boys were actually mine since they'd have to be bouncing of the walls and the ceiling with all that junk...surely I must be planning to send them home to their real mother with all that sugar in their systems just for my own amusement.

I know it must have looked awful even though very little of that was actually intended to be ingested by them. Besides, I'd done all my real grocery shopping last week...this week was to fill in the gaps with the stuff I've been craving all week;>

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Lazy Lightning said...

LOL. We have eaten many many pounds of those pink peanut MMs. This reminds me of college, when we had an iguana. They are vegans. So we'd go to the store and buy a bunch of frozen pizzas, chips, beer, soda and candy, and then a pile of arugula, star fruit, papaya, chard, carrots, apples, cactus leaves, and other weird stuff like that. Cashiers always wanted to know what we were making... and we'd have to explain that the "healthy stuff" is for the pet. It occurred to me that if we ate as well as that lizard, we'd have been a lot better off!