Friday, October 27, 2006

Charity or robbery...

NS called me as he was heading back to his car from eating lunch. We're just chatting when all of a sudden a guy starts talking to him. I hear most of what he's telling NS, and my mouth silently forms the words "what the hell is going on?!?"

What I hear is a male voice, seemingly proud, detail the story of how he murdered another man. Granted, the victim allegedly raped this guy's 6 year-old daughter, so I could understand where his rage came from, but he sounded a little too boastful as he recounted that he'd shot that man...6 the chest, in the next breath asking NS if he wouldn't do the same.

What was the point of this? He wanted NS to donate a couple dollars in support of the Recently Released Convicts Fund for Hardee's Burgers, of course. The man actually showed NS his inmate ID, which just expired last week. So, the man has already admitted he's murdered once before and doesn't seem to be understanding the "I don't carry cash" explanation NS has given (seriously, who carries cash anymore??), how else could NS tell him "no"? Well, basically, he doesn't. He dumps all the change from his cup holder and hands it to the guy. Thankfully, he walked away without further harrassment.

Somehow, the scenario lends itself less to charity and more towards robbery, in my opinion.


Jonathan said...

I'm struggling to find words to form a comment from. I'm guessing NS needed to put clean pants on after too?

The thing that annoys me is when ANYBODY asks for "spare change". Who EVER has "SPARE change" ?

Dr.Jeeeol said...

In Miami when visiting family, I was getting gas at a gas station and a fresh parole release guy came up to me and wanted me to give him a ride. Are you kidding me?!?!?!? Luckily my dog wasn't having any of that.

NS should have replied with how he got away w/ killing 3 people b/c he was in the Navy ;)

Skyqueen said...

This story reminds me of all the bums down here in Key West. Some bum actually asked me if he could have a dollar because someone STOLE his!! Are you kidding me!

I should have been snappy and said, NO WAY!! ME TOO! It must have been the same guy. Sorry man.

We get asked all the time and it ALWAYS makes me uncomfortable!

Sacrry story.