Monday, September 11, 2006

Things to come...

The first weekend of October, I will be heading down to North Carolina to see my friend, T, marry her baby's daddy;> It's going to be a little reunion of sorts since all my closest friends are going to be there, so I'm very excited. Plus, T is getting a bachelorette party, and I've actually never been to one, so that should be fun...and since I won't be pregnant, then I will be able to have a drink, or two, or three (always look on the brightside;>).

Another visit from NS's parents should follow that wedding weekend. I'm looking forward to spending some more time with them since I had so much fun the last time they were here.

The snowy vacation with NS and his family may be moved up from January to December. We're going to Whistler mountain in Canada. NS has raved about how great this place is for snowboarding, so I'm hoping to do a lot better than my one and only other snowboarding experience. The boys will be coming with us and will go to skiing lessons while we're snowboarding, provided they don't positively hate it after the first day. I can't wait to see them all bundled up in snowsuits with skis strapped to their feet. I'm sure the little daredevils will have a wonderful time with it and will beat me down the mountain before we leave;>

My next relocation will either happen much sooner than expected or a bit later. NS's boat isn't supposed to be deployed until August now, which means there's a slight possibility he'll be able to get his transfer before then. If not, then the move would be a little bit later than I'd originally thought when the deployment was supposed to be in July. So far, the top two choices for the transfer destination are Hawaii or Bangor, WA. While Hawaii sounds absolutely wonderful to me, especially climate-wise, I think Bangor could work out well, too...the cost of living is much less than Hawaii, yet the pay is higher, and plane tickets are cheaper to and from Washington than Hawaii. Of course, if my mom's husband continues his current pattern of behavior, then perhaps my mom won't have to be too upset about me and the boys moving...maybe she'll just move, too.

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