Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pics of me and my boys...

Just my little boys;>

With M
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With J
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With both
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Sarah said...

Let us know how the doctor's appt went. And thanks for sharing the pictures of you, M and J. I have been wondering about you and how you are doing. It's good to see that you are appreciating what you have.

ps did you really need another reason to realize that you were happy to be away from your ex? he sounds so immature and unreasonable. I don't know how you do it.

Sarah said...

If you are ever in GA visiting GA girl I would love to meet you. I am in grad school till July 2007 at UGA and then back to NYC. If not, I totally understand.

Dr.Jeeeol said...

Such good looking boys!

Jomama said...

Very cute.

What is on your chest? It's very. . . colorful.

Ash&Bill said...

Thanks for your nice comments! You also have some beautiful boys at your house!! I enjoyed looking at your page...I think we have a lot in common!

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

sarah - The dr. appointment update will be forthcoming. Glad you enjoyed the pics. I need to visit GA Girl before next July since I may not be on this coast much longer after that (eek!), so meeting a fellow blogger sounds like fun;> And, no, I didn't need any more reasons to be thankful to be away from IFKAMH, but it is funny how he keeps providing them.

dr. jeeeol - Thanks. I think they're rather cute, too;>

jomama - The stuff on my chest is stickers. They are some of the extra stickers from Baby Angel's scrapbook that the boys found that day. You should have seen the red spots on my chest after I took them off...those stickers are meant for paper and nothing else;>

ash&bill - Thanks for the compliments and for stopping by. Happy to hear you enjoyed the visit;>