Friday, September 15, 2006

Oh, boy...

Can you guess what you should never have in the home of a single mother with two three year-old boys and a dog that sheds fuzzy black hair?

Quick...three guesses to get one of them right;>

* A washing machine that has a full load of clothing sitting in detergent-laced water that will not complete a rinse cycle or, God forbid, drain said sudsy water
* A missing steam cleaner
* A vacuum cleaner that has such great suction that it attempts to eat a yoga/pilates resistance band but then quits sucking dirt the way it used the best fluffer you'd hope to have

So, I can't wash my clothes in the convenience of my own home, can't really get the peanut butter and jelly stains out of the carpet (or the milk and juice that is sure to be lingering below the surface), or even vacuum the cheerios, crackers, dog hair etc. so that it doesn't seem too icky to sit on the floor (or the couch, for that matter). I'm significantly less than thrilled about these things.


Dr.Jeeeol said...

What you need is a shop vac. Best investment for any house and car! $50 at Walmart for a basic one. They are the bomb.

Skyqueen said...

Ewwwww!! I want a fluffer that ummmmm, yeah, anyway, I have to agree with Dr. Jeeeol about the shop vac. They ARE The BOMB!!

I feel for your situation, nothing worse than sticky carpet and couch.

Oh wait there is, NOT BEING ABLE TO WASH YOUR CLOTHES!! I hated with a capital H washing stuff at a laundry mat. Ewwww laundry mat scummy people!!