Monday, September 11, 2006

My caped crusaders...

When M and J and I went to Wally World last week for a nightlight (yes, there's a story to that, and it has not served its purpose), we found these very cool hooded towels.

J is a Nemo fanatic. If it's got Nemo or Nemo's dad or Dory (you get the idea) on it, then he loves it and wants it. So, when we saw this towel, we had to have it;>

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M isn't much of a fanatic about anything in particular except his puppy (who is currently missing inside the apartment and has been for a couple days...oh the explanations I have to go through every day and night now), but he likes things such as Elmo and Spiderman. He got a Spiderman towel...

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These towels even have little pockets for their hands so they can have "wings"...too cute;>

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