Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The internet (specifically Google) and NS are my heroes...

You know that issue I've had with my washing machine just letting icky water sit in its basin? Well, yesterday I decided to see if I could find out what could be causing it. Based on the knowledgeable information Google found for me, I narrowed the possibilities down to three:

a) something caught in the drain's path (obvious one, huh?)

This was determined to be an unlikely cause since that would probably have led to very slow draining rather than the non-existent draining that is currently plaguing it.

b) malfunctioning lid switch

NS tested this for me...not the cluprit. Based on what I read about this possibility, I didn't think it really would be because the washer would start and run most of the just would complete it.

c) broken pump

This is what I felt it probably was (because option 'a' was just too simple of a solution and a non-wallet-draining one at that...where's the fun in breaking yourself if you aren't gonna cost any money to fix;>). This is what NS believed it to be after he did some of his own searching. This is also what both of his parents said it was likely to be as well.

Since the verdict was unanimous, NS ordered a new pump for me (yay!!), which should arrive before the weekend. Thank goodness...lordy, I need to do some laundry;>

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