Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How it went...

The follow-up appointment yesterday went well, although I was more emotionally affected by it than I had anticipated.

One pregnant woman left with her significant other and what looked to be like her mom with what seemed to be ultrasound pics in hand; I couldn't help but think about how that was supposed to be me this morning...coming in for the "big" ultrasound, the one that measures all the baby parts and when you find out the gender. There was also a couple there toting a newborn baby boy, who were likely there for the mom's post-delivery 6-week follow-up. When they were called to the back, all the nurses were just giddy about oohing and ahhing over the little bundle of joy; I couldn't help but think about how that wouldn't be me nearly as soon as I thought it would (that is unless these new pills don't do their job any better than the last ones did). I was rather down when I walked out...and rushed out pretty quickly in order to try to avoid crying in public since I'd already done a good amount of blinking back tears while in the waiting room, observing those other women.

So, other than a few heart-tugging moments of sadness while there, I have recovered well and am back on "the pill". I'm a little scared to trust it, but the only option that seemed better was an IUD, and the doctor said it was a really expensive alternative to the pill if I wasn't planning to use it for several years like it's intended to last. I've also read that the IUD's effectiveness really only reaches it's peak after the one-year mark, and I'd like to think I won't be on birth control after a year, especially if NS does have to go on his boat's, I decided to go with the pill again, albeit a different brand;>

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