Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Can't wait to try the Pilates...

NS and I joined the YMCA last weekend...that was not a good morning for M and J. I went to a Water Aerobics class this evening. It was great! It was supposed to be a deep-water class, but since not as many people are interested in that one, they've changed all the evening classes to shallow water, which is fine with me because I was going to try that one, too. I really like being in the water, and the class went so quickly and felt so great that I'm looking forward to doing that a few nights a week. Must remember to bring towel next time;>

The Pilates class on Monday nights is the only one that I can actually go to (there are plenty on all the other days of the week during the day...guess they figure only people without jobs, or those with night jobs, want to go to Pilates classes and the rest of us only want to do PowerCut weight-training). I can hardly wait to go and see what it'll be like. I've never done a strictly Pilates workout; I have a couple DVDs of Yogalates, which is a combo of Yoga and Pilates, and I love them. The Y also offers a combo Yoga/Pilates class called PiYo, but again, only offered during the day. I'm pretty sure NS has agreed to try this class with me, so at least I'll have someone to laugh with when I screw something up;>

Last fall, when I was actually able to find time to do my Yogalates 3-4 times a week, I started to notice a bit of change in the mess of skin that is now my tummy. The stretchmarks don't bother me in the least; hell, I've had stretchmarks on other parts of my body for at least 15 years...but, the skin that doesn't seem attached to my body any longer is something I would change if I had the wish (no surgery,'s not that important to me). So, let's hope these core-focused classes (the Water Aerobics is as well) will not only help me have some endurance for that vacation but also help put some flab-ab skin closer to where it belongs;>

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Jomama said...

You probably go to the same YMCA as I do. I postponed my membership for 3 months though because I haven't had time to go lately. I won't be back until December. Maybe we can take an exercise class together if you're still a member then.