Tuesday, September 12, 2006

All the idiotness that is IFKAMH (still)...

IFKAMH's latest behavior has given me great reason to be happy that I am no longer married to him.

When I told him the news of my pregnancy, his only response was that I "shouldn't have made that mistake". What a wonderful way to view the birth of a baby; I'm sure his daughter is grateful for his view of unplanned pregnancies being mistakes. I responded very simply that although I didn't mean for it to happen, I didn't think of it as a mistake.

He happened to call the day after I'd been released from the hosptial after Baby Angel's birth. I told him what had happened and while he did at least ask if I was okay, he then totally lost any humanity points by telling me that he didn't really think I should have been pregnant or have any more children anyway. Excuse me?!? I told him quite frankly that it really isn't up to him. The way he said it was like he thought I was trying to get even with him for having had a baby with DA, and he just sounded completely cold and heartless...and selfish. If either of the two of us shouldn't be having more children, I think the world can agree it is him rather than me. At least I take care of the children I have, which is more than I can say for him. He meets his financial obligation and not much more; I'm fairly certain that is only done consistently thanks to automatic payroll withdrawl. He's never sent any extra money (despite saying he would when he could) even though he knows that the child support amount he's required to pay doesn't even cover the cost of daycare let alone anything else, and he's only sent a couple of packages of stuff for them...a few toys and some Easter-specific items shortly after Easter and then a toy tool set and a shirt for each of them a couple months ago.

And the last conversation that just left me wondering how anyone can really be so out of touch with reality took place on Friday (again during the day...why he doesn't put more effort into calling M and J instead of me is beyond my level of comprehension). He actually has the audacity to talk about how we were supposed to be together forever. Well, yeah, maybe that was what we both had in mind a few years ago, but that isn't going to happen now. He was rambling about how I'm with someone else and he's with someone else and it just wasn't supposed to be like that...all I can think is that he had his chances to make a different decision but didn't. I said even if it wasn't what we planned to happen, it doesn't mean it wasn't for the best. I explained that I am happy with my new life and cannot imagine any future where I would feel differently about him than I do right now. I kind of feel sorry for DA since she's apparently still with him yet he is still trying to keep his options open, but then again, I don't know why she wouldn't expect that from him by now. I just wish he would leave me alone altogether and pursue completely different options with whom he might have a chance.

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