Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pics as promised...

I have internet at home again! Yay!! So, here are some of the pics I promised...

First close-ups of new haircut:

One in it's natural somewhat wavy state
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Then, styled with blow-dryer
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Now, full-length shots that show off the growing belly:

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Blow-dryer style
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Next up, the boys jumping on their new beds. These were taken the first day they had them, J is more obviously jumping in his picture.
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And finally, J sleeping in a corner last weekend...poor guy must've been exhausted.
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Sarah said...

love the pics and the haircut! thanks so much for sharing your life. your boys seem to be well adjusted and happy since they have such a great mom!

Skyqueen said...

Very cute photos. I like the hair, now you should go really short! Once I started chopping away I couldn't stop and I LOVE the length now. Your's looks very cute, in a romantic way. I'm diggin the curl.

I tried to post a comment about your update but I think blogger was down, so it was lost, sorry about that, but I DID read.

YEAAAAA Internet at home, can't live without it!!

WE like more photos! Your belly looks cute as can be, I BET it's a girl.

You should have one of those things (what do you call it) when people guess what day you will go into labor. I'd be SO into that!

Just a suggestion, and WHEN do we find out the sex, I'm DYIN!

Jomama said...

I love the hair and the belly-- very pretty.

You should put a meter on your site to track how far along you are.

Dr.Jeeeol said...

I like how he sleeps next to the bed instead of in it!

That is so the headboard we are looking for (in your room?) but cant find it in our size/price range!

I love the pics!!!!!!

general said...

The boys are SO cute.

How far along are you? You look great!