Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Meme stealin'...

From jomama, and I'll steal again tomorrow;>

9 Lasts...
1. Last place you were: At daycare, picking up M and J.
2. Last drug used: Caffeine in my sweet tea from lunch? Tums on Sunday? Pregnancy kind of limits my drug use;>.
3. Last beverage: Water.
4. Last kiss: Baby J.
5. Last movie seen: At theater? Talladega Nights. At home? Haven't stayed awake through one in a while, but the last one started was Dodgeball.
6. Last phone call: NS.
7. Last cd played: Supernatural by Everything...remeber: Who got the 'Hooch'? That's them;>
8. Last bubble bath: Gosh; I just don't know. Sadly it was probably sometime while I was pregnant with the boys:(
9. Last time you cried: I tear up every other day just from hormones, so yesterday.

8 Have You Evers...
1. Have you ever dated someone twice: Doubt it...never really 'dated'.
2. Have you ever been cheated on: Yes and now realize it is not something I can forgive and forget.
3. Have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it? I'd like to think not.
4. Have you ever fallen in love: Yes.
5. Have you ever lost someone: I've never lost someone really close to me. I've only been to one funeral, that of a girl in my high school.
6. Have you ever been depressed: Sure, but not for very long.
7. Have you ever been out of the country: Canada summer before senior year of high school, Bahamas for honeymoon, Mexico and Grand Cayman on cruise.
8. Have you ever been on TV: Not to my knowledge.

7 States You've Been To...
1. Virginia
2. Tennessee
3. Florida
4. North Carolina
5. Nevada
6. Georgia
7. Connecticut

6 Things You've Done Today...
1. Shower
2. Check email
3. Gone to work
4. Read a message board about Hawaii living
5. Taken boys to daycare
6. Rent a personal storage unit

5 Favorite Things...
1. Seeing my boys grow into little children
2. Spending time with family and NS
3. Sex
4. Reading
5. Beaches

4 People You Can Tell Almost Anything...
1. GA Girl
2. Blogosphere
3. Missa
4. Oddly, my former and current co-workers

3 Favorite Colors...
1. Turquoise
2. Emerald/Jade Green
3. Chocolate Brown

2 things you want to do before you die...
1. Skydive
2. Scuba

1 thing you regret...
1. Hate even bringing it up again, but sleeping with the ex-boyfriend of one of my friends.


Skyqueen said...

I can help you cross skydive off your list! No better view than down here!!

Good info

Jomama said...

Was Talladega Nights good? Not that I have any chance of going to the theatre anytime soon.

I used to sing Who Got the Hooch to annoy my sister.

Who got the freshie freshie. . .