Friday, August 11, 2006


I rarely have dreams, or at least if I have them, I don't remember them;> Pregnancy changes this completely for me. I have weird, vivid dreams at least once a week that I remember.

A few that I've had this time (other than the not so interesting ones of finding out the baby's gender, of which I have had one of each):

* Had twins again. For some reason I left the hospital with them immediately and went to the mall. I was in a very large and luxurious ladies' lounge; I assume it was actually part of a restroom facility, but I didn't see the stalls in my dream. The babies started crying to be fed, and then I started having a lot of pain. That's where it ended, and it really wasn't a pleasant dream.

* Another one with me having twins again, but this time, my stepdad took them to his house. When I got to the house, it didn't look at all familiar, and there was some little boy running around that I didn't recognize, either, although he appeared to belong to me from the way I reacted to him in the dream. Very strange and ended there, but again wasn't really a good dream.

* This one was kind of out there. I was on an airplane with my family and friends. This plane was enormous and had balconies, which were in use even though we were in the air. It was designed a lot like the Titanic, I think, but with really big wings so it could fly, too. The Titanic thing comes to mind because the plane somehow landed in a large body of water and was then being used like a cruise ship.

* The most recent one was a result of NS looking at used Cadillacs online. I dreamt that he had purchased one, but it was too big for me. I still drove it, but had to keep adjusting the steering wheel as it was as big around as me forming a circle with both my arms. It was so big that I eventually had to move the wheel as far up as it would go and look through the windshield underneath the top of the steering wheel, so I was driving with my arms up in the air and over my head...let me tell you, it wasn't easy to do in the dream;>

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Skyqueen said...

These are cool dreams. I SO wish I could tell you what they mean. Dr. Jeeeeol has a dream book and that may help. Sounds weird and crazy!