Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Another long update...

Glad to see that everyone is thinking so highly of my NS for getting me cheesecake...I'm rather fond of him, too;>

Anyway, the move is still underway. My bigger furniture was moved on Saturday from the other apartment; NS, one of his roommates, and his friend, B, helped. There were a few comments about my shoes and purses being excessive, but I let that slide since I didn't have to do any lifting;> As for the progress of NS moving in to the new apartment...his roommate was able to get their landlord to agree to accept the 60-day notice now without having to renew the lease for another year. This was really the most ideal solution out of the options available. I told him on Friday that he was still more than welcome to move his stuff in even though he'd have to pay for the other place for a couple more months...he laughed and asked where he'd put it (if you saw the state of new apartment, you'd understand his comment fully); he did bring a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and deodorant with him on Friday night and has been bringing his work stuff with him before he comes over so he doesn't have to go back to his house before going to work. So, he's going to take the extra time to help me get settled and then move his stuff over.

I found out on Sunday that he really wants us to be living together. He had been talking to his mom on his drive over to my place and was telling her that he felt kind of bad for not having called me earlier during the day. Considering he'd helped me move on Satuday, I thought he probably took his time getting up and out on Sunday and then probably hung out with B (possibly another friend, but I sort of assumed it would be B), most likely to see a movie, so I wasn't worried/concerned/upset about his not calling since I just figured I'd see him later that night...I was right about all of this. His mom asked if he was supposed to have called or if I might be mad about him not calling; he said he wasn't sure that he was "supposed" to call, but that he thought it probably would have been a nice thing to do and that he doubted very much I'd be mad since he's never actually seen me mad and I don't really seem like the kind of person that lets stuff like that upset me, which he thinks is a very wonderful quality. This is about the time that I find out that this is the longest relationship he's been in since former girlfriends have annoyed him by three months or so. Having seen how a lot of women my age and younger act, I can understand that. While I know several women in my age range that aren't immature or selfish or bratty (for lack of a better term right now), the ones that I've seen in public that I don't know or have read about on other blogs or on message boards are another story. I am not the kind of person to flip out over something small, and I don't think that everything someone else does has an impact on me. For instance, women that think their boyfriends/husbands (or whatever they consider them) do things purposely to make their lives harder...not likely. If you feel really strongly about it, then say so, and if you're not going to say anything about it, don't let it fester until you blow for something else even less important. If it isn't something that is truly important to you in the grand scheme of things, then LET IT GO! I cannot see how people can lead happy lives when they let everything get to them. If I didn't let things roll off my back more often than not, then I'd be extremely miserable, and I hate to think of living my life that way. I'm sure we've all read those email forwards about some guy that has some pathetic life but is always in a good mood and makes others smile because of it and the end of the email it states that he chooses his positive attitude in the morning...I feel that is very true for the most part. I don't do anything cheesy like saying some optimism mantra in the morning when I wake up, but I can assure you that I do make choices about what I let get me riled up, and when I pray to the higher power that I believe in every night, I say more thank you's for the blessings and good things in my life than I make requests. Well, that was kind of drawn out for just trying to say that NS likes my attitude and thinks we are good together and wants to hurry up and move in so that things like not calling me to tell me he's hanging out with his friend that day won't bother him because he'll be able to just tell me in person and will still have seen me earlier during the day.

On to my mom's situation...her husband has still been a royal ass, although he did buy some groceries and dog food. He was even acting foolish towards me and NS and the guys helping with the move on Saturday, despite the fact that they moved the furniture that was my mom's from the apartment to his house. When I came up here from Florida, I brought IFKAMH's tool chest with all of its tools, too. That has been at his house ever since. NS and the guys were trying to unhook the washing machine that's in the new apartment because it isn't mine and I want mine since it's so much bigger, but they had no luck with getting the hoses off. My mom went back to her house (I say "her" very loosely) to see if the tools they needed were in the chest. Her husband refused to allow us to use them...refused to allow me to use my tools that I paid for. His reason for this is that those are his payment in exchange for helping me move from Florida...funny how I don't remember agreeing to that arrangement and never would have. She tried to negotiate with him in that I didn't need to take them, just borrow them...nope, he said we'd have to buy them. She was going to sneak them out for me yesterday but found the chest to be locked and unable to find the key. I have an unidentified key that I found while unpacking some stuff, and although I don't think it's the right one, I figure we could give it a try. She said he was in good spirits yesterday, so she was going to just ask again, hoping for a different, more reasonable response before coming to get the key from me. For someone to just flip their moods like that, I think he has to have some sort of chemical imbalance issue going on that can be medicated...but he would never believe that because according to my mom, he doesn't even see why people take vitamins.

And finally, I did get my hair cut last week...a bit more of a cut than the trim I had in mind, but the goal was to get rid of the dead-ends, which was accomplished, and I like it. It made a world of difference with combing it out the next day, so I guess I can't really blame the fire-hose shower-head afterall since I still haven't been able to get the one at the other apartment off to transfer to the new place. If NS can't get it, then I'm just going to get a new one. Whenever I get the internet to work at the new apartment, I will post some pictures of the hair, my (covered) belly, and J from Sunday when he fell asleep sitting in a corner as well as both boys jumping on their new beds;>


Dr.Jeeeol said...

What an ass about t he tool chest. WOW.

I am sooo looking forward to the pics of the hair, belly, new place, etc!

general said...

Pics...we want pics...

Sorry to hear that your stepdad was being such a jerk about the tools.

People do strange things sometimes!

On the upside, at least he bought food & dog food!