Monday, July 03, 2006

What a major disappointment...

Well, the appointment I had today really told me nothing I didn't already know other than what I weigh (which I had already guessed about and was right) and my blood pressure.

I was expecting to get the internal exam, basically like the one women get every year with the addition of a check for the size of my uterus, and maybe even an ultrasound to figure out how long I've been pregnant since I am very uncertain about that.

Not at all. I won't get those things done for another 3 weeks!

They had me pee in a cup, which surprise, suprise had a positive pregnancy result, did the weight and blood pressure (both good), and then had me sit in the office and answer medical history questions.

I'm starting to regret having changed my original appointment. That was scheduled as a normal check-up on the 12th, in which I would have at least gotten the exam, and now I have to wait until the 24th. Pretty frustrating to be starting to show and having to tell people the news of your pregnancy and not be able to answer those simple questions of "how far along?" or "when are you due?".

I called my mom to tell her the news this afternoon. I had chickened out on Saturday because I figured I could just wait a couple days and probably be able to give her more information...apparently that plan did not work. She wasn't thrilled (I knew this), but I knew she would be supportive and understanding as she always has been; she's a wonderful mother. As it sinks in more, I'm sure she'll even be excited since she got a little bit excited already...especially thinking that I might even get a girl this time;>


Skyqueen said...

I wouldn't worry about what to tell people. I'd just make shit up, like yeah I'm due on Christmas or some other holiday.

I HATE answering medical history questions. I always feel like I get the 3rd degree. HELLO! No judgement PLEASE!

As for the rest of it. I get the feeling like you are uneasy about all this. I hope it gets better for you. It must be hard to tell your mom, I know I'd be freaking. I think as you get further along it will all work out. Who doesn't love a cute pregnant landy and the thought of you maybe having an adorable little girl.

It will all work out. We're pulling for you!!


Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

I am a little uneasy in that this was a complete surprise, and I haven't done anything until last week to ensure a healthy pregnancy. While I feel intuitively like everything is fine, I can't help but wonder if everything really is fine, and the reassurance of an ultrasound is unbeatable. I know it will all work out the way it's supposed to in the end. I just had higher expectations for today's visit.

Thanks for the well wishes;>

Dr.Jeeeol said...

You can always just make people feel like crap when they ask when you are due, just respond with "Due for what?" Boy that will shut them up!

Anonymous said...

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