Saturday, July 29, 2006

Meet the parents...

So, NS's parents, sister, and his sister's friend, arrived here a little after 7 on Thursday morning. I had not expected to meet any of these people until Friday as that is the day we planned to make a trip to D.C. Well, while I was in the shower Thursday morning, it seems that some plan was made for his family to meet him at my apartment (he was already there, it wasn't completely weird). I don't realize this until I get out of the shower and start getting ready for work by getting dressed. He was on the phone, taking Big Dog outside as I left my room to get the clothes out for the boys. When he opens the door again, he is followed by four people that I've never met before. I didn't realize that any of them would be coming to my apartment at all this weekend, let alone that morning, so it was not "company-ready" if you understand what I mean...I could have done a bit of picking up and cleared up the toys from the floor in the boys' bathroom and maybe swished some cleaner in the toilet, too, but alas, I had no time for such things and felt kind of freaked by the surprise visit. But, seeing as they'd been driving for over half a day straight and were not well-rested, they may not have been paying too much attention to anything and were probably mostly concerned about getting down the street for breakfast;> Anyway, he said they liked me and the boys, so I'll believe him.

Yesterday's trip to D.C. was quite fun, even though my legs and feet were rather achy this morning from all the walking. We didn't go to the one place I figured a tourist would want to go, which was the Smithsonian. Instead, we went to the Holocaust Memorial Museum and the landmarks, like the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial, and last we took a trip out to the Arlington National Cemetery. The first place we stopped was the Holocaust Memorial Museum. We were all pretty hungry and somewhat irritable, so it wasn't as appreciated as it could and should have been. I know I could only give half my attention to anything I looked at because my tummy kept growling at me about how hungry it was. Then, we went walking for a while to find the place where we wanted to eat for lunch. I had a lot of ice-cold water and a yummy meatball and cheese calzoni;> Pregnancy hormones had me nearly crying at the cemetery, but we did sit to witness the changing of the guards ceremony, which was pretty cool. Those poor guys have to stand watch over the tomb of the unknowns in full wool uniforms, which cannot be very pleasant when it is close to 100 degrees outside and the air is suffocating with humidity. We finished the night with a late treat of appetizers and dessert at The Melting Pot;> Delicious once again.

All in all, his family seems very laid back and fun, and I was comfortable with them and felt like they were accepting of me.

The plan tonight is dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House. As much as people rave about this place, I hope not to be disappointed like I was with Charley's in Orlando. It wasn't that the Charley's steak wasn't good, but it wasn't great to me...just not my flavor, too chargrilled-tasting. Perhaps since I don't have my expectations as high for this place because of the Charley's experience, I'll be wowed like everyone else I've talked to that's been there. I guess we'll just have to see.

On a side note, to those that think they could figure out baby's sex from the ultrasound pics in the previous post, I believe you may be seeing things that aren't there or making them into things that they're not. I've had a few ultrasounds (about 8 with the twins), and that baby was not sharing in the angles we saw or captured in pics. Won't have any confirmation until mid-September for that anyhow.


Kim said...

The trip sounds great! As for the comment on the ultrasound...kind of rude. I think people are genuinely happy for you and looked for what they thought would be genitalia. Try not to be so judgemental of your readers!

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Sorry...think you may have misinterpreted my tone in that comment. Just wanted to make it clear that it wasn't there, which is why I titled the post that "it" was still an "it".

I'm very happy and very appreciative of hearing that other people are happy to be reading about it and wishing me well, too.