Sunday, July 02, 2006

Guess I should be a little more cautious about saying "not much going on";>

A couple days after I posted this, a lot started going on in my life.

And now I've learned that you just can't escape fate.

It started on Monday with the ponderance of having missed my second consecutive period. Now, missing May's didn't really phase me because the pill that I've been on since the boys were about six months old (other than a hiatus from June last year through January of this year) has done this to me regularly. At least every few months, I skip a period, but I've never missed more than one period, so I kind of started to wonder. Since I didn't really think I'd had any obvious symptoms of pregnancy, I didn't think too much of it, but seeing as I had a spare home-pregnancy-test in my bathroom, I figured why not just make sure and put any wondering thoughts to rest. This is what I saw that morning...

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BUT the test could have been expired. The way the expiration date was stamped, it either expired April 7, 2005, or will expire April 5, 2007. So, the first thing I did after getting to work that day was research what could cause a false-positive on those tests, and sure enough, an expired test was on the short list of what can cause that rare occurance. Not having a period in a couple months was still a fact, though, so I decided to go buy an unexpired pack at lunch and retest.

I went into the bathroom at work after I got back from lunch and peed on the stick as instructed. I paced in the handicap stall, trying not to watch during the 3-minute waiting time as the test results appeared...

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So, I started to come to terms with the fact that I am indeed pregnant. I look back to my calendar and start to wonder if I even had a period in April. I remember thinking about it coming because it should have arrived around the same day that month as my second laser hair removal treatment. When I looked at my schedule for the days following that one, I honestly couldn't recall having my period. Now, I'm worried that I've missed three consecutive periods...all the while continuing to take birth control pills.

Everything I was able to find about the effects of birth control pills on a pregnancy stated that there should not be any negative ones, but I still worry.

Since I bought the two-pack of the home-pregnancy-test, I went ahead and took the last one Tuesday morning, I guess still trying to help the reality of this sudden life change sink in. Yep, still very much so positive (that is the one that is actually pictured above).

I think about things that are symptoms of pregnancy and realize that I have had a quite a few, but I had attributed them to other conditions.
* Being so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open by the end of my work day was due to the artic temperature of my office; magically, after I wasn't so cold, I wasn't so tired...why would I think anything different?
* Vomiting in the morning (or anytime really) was so obviously due to the stomach bug my boys had and then due to the gross amounts of mucus I coughed up one day while trying to get over my cold...and the other nausea spells I figured where from those illnesses as well.
* Mild breast tenderness was right at the start of the week I should have gotten my period, so why wouldn't I have just considered it to be normal PMS...except that the period never started.

Now I have also started to have severe sensitivity to smells. A lot of odors make me queasy, even when they would normally have probably smelled very lasagna or hamburgers or any other variety of foods cooking and producing wafting aromas. And, I'm also incredibly weepy. I wasn't this bad with the boys, but I cry over the smallest things now, mostly news stories and emails, like the "friends" one I sent to GA Girl...had me streaming with tears at my desk last week;>

It also seems as though my body has decided that since I know I'm pregnant now, it doesn't have to hide that fact anymore. My tummy just started to let itself loose Monday night and has gotten me a few curious glances from co-workers (or maybe I'm just super paranoid because I didn't want to tell anyone at least until I'd had a chance to tell NS, if not until after I'd gone to the doctor). The belly grows throughout the day so that at night I look to be about 5, maybe even 6 months pregnant. I bought a cute maternity swimsuit from Old Navy on Friday night and took a picture when I tried it on at home...

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Anyone that wouldn't at least think that I'm pregnant while looking like that would have to be crazy, in my opinion;>

So, now we might be a bit more clear as to why I was so frustrated with the Navy all week for working my NS so much that I couldn't deliver this news. I had my nerve built up on Monday, but every day that I thought it would happen, something would come up and it didn't. Apparently he had begun to think I was depressed from my responses to him on the phone and in text messages that we were exchanging because I kept questioning when I would get to see him. He finally made it over to my place today and now knows the situation. He took it as well as I was expecting, possibly a little better since he did state a couple times that he just wasn't sure whether to take it as good or bad news...I had sort of assumed he would see it as bad news right off the bat, so the idea that he isn't certain of that is a bit of a good thing, I think. He said he wasn't sure how to act or what to say; I tried to put him at ease in that I didn't know either and that I was just expecting him to be in shock for a while. He thought I had made a good prediction about that;>

I will post again after my appointment tomorrow. I am praying for good news and to find out how far along I am since I have no clue really but think at least 2 if not 3 months.


The Recovering Straight Girl said...

Wow. That is news. I'm sure everything will be fine, and I hope all goes well with the telling! good luck at the doctor.

Dr.Jeeeol said...

Do your folks know?
When will you tell your boys?
You get the trump card on stories!

general said...

I hope I look that good in a swim suit when I am pregnant.

Congrats & good luck at the doctors!

Skyqueen said...

WOW!! Holy Smokes! I'm excited for you! What a news break!

That suit is ultra cute. Seeing as summers here you might as well be comfy! Also swimming is GREAT when you're pregnant. So I've head anyway.

Good luck and we are all pulling for you !

Kim said...

Yowza! Did you miss pills? Are you excited?

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

dr. jeeeol: I've already basically told my boys. I tell them a few times a day that "mommy has a baby in her tummy/belly";>

kim: I don't really keep track of missing pills because I usually remember later that day or double up the next day, which has never been a problem before. So, while I'm not sure if I did, I wouldn't be completely surprised if that's what happened.

Celebrate Woo-Woo said...

Oh and I am very excited now that it has kind of sunk in.

The Big Cheese said...

Attractive. I would practice making babies with shoo.