Sunday, July 23, 2006

A fabulous birthday weekend...

Thursday night went well, except M and J hated the Japanese steakhouse hibatchi chefs. They were both terrified of the fire, and M was shaking from his fear of not only the fire but the smoke as well. J eventually got over it, especially after he had his food in front of him. We finally realized that M was alright as long as he was far enough away from the tables (it wasn't just the fire and smoke at our table, it was all four of them). The food was good, not great like Kobe but still good. They were a bit busy, so when it came time to sing "Happy Birthday" for me, our waiter guilted the table across from us into joining him in singing since the other employees couldn't. For the first time ever, I was slightly embarrassed by the spectacle. I got gifts from my mom and stepdad after we leave: some cute maternity stuff and a beautiful pair of earrings that had some shells on them as well as some preggie pop drops for the times I feel not-so-good and in case I end up in labor this time around.

The evening ended with my gift from NS. It was the most perfect gift I could have wished ultimate spa package. A 7-hour day including: Classic European Facial, Rejuvenating Eye Treatment, Deluxe Salt Glow, 1-hour Massage, Spa Manicure & Pedicure with the additional callus treatment, paraffin for the hand & feet & additional hand and foot massage time, and lunch. To make this wonderful gift absolutely perfect, he included personal babysitting service, which means he will take care of M and J while I spend a day getting completely pampered. That will give him a full 8-9 hours taking care of my boys; I'm pretty certain that even IFKAMH has never spent that much time alone with them. Needless to say, I was in very high spirits on Friday.

Now, Saturday. I find out that we have reservations for dinner at 9. He first tells me that they're at Cheeseburger in Paradise; not that I didn't enjoy the food there when we went after the pirate movie, but he didn't enjoy it all that much, and it definitely didn't strike me as a place that takes reservations, so I figured that was a joke. My mom and stepdad pick up the boys to go to the pet store around 4:30, and I head over to NS's place a few minutes later. This trip normally takes about 25 minutes with little traffic. I figured there might be some traffic but that I would still be at his place in 35-45 minutes...oh how wrong I was. The signs for traffic delays say 10-20 minutes. That would have been fine and would have been what I had been thinking in the first place, but that was so inaccurate. It took me 40 minutes to travel 3 miles...most people run faster than this. I barely make it to NS's place by 6 despite having left at 4:40, an hour and 20 minutes for a 25 minute drive.

By the time I get there, the option to go to a movie before dinner was out of the question because nothing we wanted to see started soon enough. We end up going to play a round of miniature golf. I love miniature golf; I am not good at it by any means, but I still find it to be very fun. We had a decent time, but the course wasn't very exciting. There was no theme. I did really well on a few holes, even get a hole in one once, but most of them were my usual ball rolling across and just beside the hole so that it takes about 6-8 strokes to make it in;>

This didn't kill quite enough time, so we stop at the Borders by the restaurant, which I was finally clued into, The Melting Pot (I have wanted to eat at this place for years). We look through some baby name books at the bookstore, even found one on what not to name a baby (actually very funny of the names for a boy: Moon Unit). I found out what he likes for a girl name, and he now knows my choices for a girl name; his choice isn't vetoed, but I still think I like mine better, especially with his last name, but we'll see. I also have a boy name in mind because one of my co-workers scared me into believing that if I don't have a name for one of the genders but do have one for the other, it will undoubtedly be the one I don't have a name for.

Anyway, dinner was superb. We opted for the full 4-course meal, which was more food than either one of us was really able to eat, although we some how managed to finish it all. Everything tasted great, the atmosphere was so relaxing, and the table was so perfectly cozy, and therefore romantic.

On the drive back to his place, he manages to bring up a subject that I've been pondering about how and when to bring up with him...moving in together. He prepped me with the comment that how he was going to phrase it was probably not the best way but he didn't know how best to say it. I don't think there was really a good way for him to phrase it, which is frankly why I didn't think he would bother. He asked what I wanted him to do in terms of after the baby is born, involvement-wise, like whether or not I wanted him to move in with us. My response was if he wanted to do that, then I would definitely want him to. So, he is going to give his new roommate (new next month) time to find a replacement so he's not left paying rent and utilities by himself or moving someone else in too quickly, which was one of my concerns as well, and will then move in to my new apartment (new next month) with me and the boys before the baby is born. I confessed that I had wanted to bring the subject up, too, but hadn't yet figure out how or when to best bring it up, so I'm very happy to have this decided, especially since I like the idea so much.

The rest of the night was wonderful, too. M and J slept 'til after 8 this morning (that hasn't happened in ages) and have been great today, even taking a nap this afternoon. So, my weekend has been fabulous, and tomorrow morning, I get to see the baby and hear it's little heartbeat. Hope everyone else is doing well, too!!

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Jomama said...

Wow. That sounds like the perfect weekend. And Happy belated Birthday!