Thursday, June 08, 2006

My goodness gracious...I can create a post!

It seems that every time I've tried to get on here this week has been a bad time for blogger;>

Well, I have been dealing with some sick children for a week now. M started with some vomiting last Thursday night after he went to bed. He seemed a little tired Friday morning but otherwise okay, so I still took them to daycare and went to work (it was the last day of a two-week training I was in, so I really needed to go if at all possible).

After a few hours, daycare calls me and says he threw up again after breakfast and was just not acting like himself. I called my mom, and she was able to pick them up. The training ended early, so I left as soon as it was over when my mom told me that he wasn't doing well and filled the backseat of my car with a fragrant upheaval of the remainder of his stomach's contents. J had spilled some juice on his clothes, so both boys were running around in my mom's shirts...that was pretty cute;>

Saturday morning, J decides that he would like to join in this party M's throwing. So, all day I was spot-cleaning and closely watching faces for signs that whatever had been eaten or drunk was not going to sit well on my little men's tummies. It was a lot of fun, I assure you. On the bright side (I am an optimist;>), they were extremely easy to care for; they were so exhausted from this stomach bug that they laid around all day and slept for three hours at nap time. I got a lot of reading Company, by Max Barry, given to me by NS as a must-read since I have worked amongst, and currently am in the midst of, corporate companies; I would highly recommend it as well;>

Okay, so we make it through to Sunday. M now has ceased with the vomiting but is now suffering from diarrhea...oh, what joy! J suffers no such ailment on Sunday, nor does he vomit anything. I think we are on the road to recovery!! I don't feel so hot that night, though...

Monday morning, I wake up and feel frighteningly awful. I call in sick to work thinking that if I start puking, I won't be stopping for the rest of the day but will probably be on better terms the next day with some rest. Well, wouldn't you know after a full 24-36 hours of both boys keeping food and liquid safely in their stomachs, J breaks the cycle and vomits while I'm in the shower. M still has diarrhea for the day, and J continues to regurgitate everything that he swallows. Thankfully, M is still lacking some energy even though he is clearly approaching the end of this bug's life, so J and I have a fairly restful day.

I return to work Tuesday; boys return to daycare as well. I assume that J will probably start with the diarrhea based on M's progression of symptoms but figure he'll probably be alright to eat and drink by now. I was mostly right. He had two "loose BMs", which prompts the daycare to call me and let me know that if he has another, he'll need to be picked up...this happens while I'm in the middle of a meeting that lasts from 2-5pm, which is really a relevant meeting for me to attend. I do not get any further calls and pick the boys up at the normal time. We get home, and I feel positively ill. It takes me nearly an hour to heat up some leftovers to feed the boys; I, usually starving by the time I get home, have absolutely no appetite. I spend a great deal of time curled up in a ball on the floor, J providing me company since he's not feeling too great, either, but M, he's totally over this thing and is quite demanding about getting some attention. Poor guy just can't understand that Mommy's not feeling very well just like he didn't feel very well a couple days before. Anyway, in one of the fleeting moments of being able to stand upright and move, I'm sticking stuff in the microwave and turn around to see Big Dog licking up some disgusting substance off the kitchen floor. My first reaction is that he's caught the same damn thing we all have and has thrown up and begun to clean it up...he's a dog, an adopted dog who survived on the streets when he had to, so eating gross stuff is not unusual for him. Upon more careful observation of my surroundings, I realize that J has a sickeningly similar disgusting substance running down his legs (he's just wearing a shirt since he's had the diarrhea and messed up his pants) and onto his shoes. Oh GOD! My child's rectum is leaking that disgusting substance!! I struggle to convince him of the need to change his diaper and finally have to gently wrestle him down to the floor to remove the diaper. He is promptly taken to the bathroom for a good amount of baby wipes were going to clean up that mess. Anyway, that is the extent of excitement for Tuesday night. Once I finally managed to get the food heated and in front of the boys, they decided they would like cereal for dinner...whatever, I'm in no shape to care, cereal is far from being the worst thing they could eat for dinner.

Wednesday morning arrives. No incidents in the middle of the night, and everyone seems to be in a decent mood...until I try to offer J some pedialyte. He throws a fit! He launches the cup of pedialyte in my direction, screaming "WATER". While he continues his fit, I leave the room and try to finish getting ready for work. He finally calms down, so I ask him if he wants water and since he respectfully responds that he would, I switch out the pedialyte for water. He throws up a little bit of the cereal he'd eaten that morning. I assume this is because of the horrendous fit he worked himself into more so than the stomach bug recycling. Wrong, oh wrong am I. I get the call from daycare that afternoon that J has had three diarrhea episodes and needs to be picked up since there's been a bug going around ("a bug? no shit! really?!?" is what runs through my mind), so I pick them up...on my way making an appointment with the pediatrician because it doesn't seem like my baby is on his way to recovery even after 5 days. The dr. says that this is something that has a different strain going around every year around the same time; sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't, but it's an immunity builder either way. He gives me a prescription for the vomiting in case it doesn't retreat like it should now that the diarrhea has arrived. M was the text-book case for this thing...two days vomiting, two days diarrhea, and then off on his merry toddling way; I feel so helpless that J can't seem to kick it as easily and there is nothing I can do or give him to make it better. We go home without filling the prescription since I was still assuming, and the dr. agreed, that the morning's retching episode was likely just an isolated incident. Well, J eats some goldish crackers and drinks a bit of water, and his body proceeds to reject these items, sending them back out the way they came in. I immediately pack the boys back in the car and head to Walmart to get the medicine and some more bland, starchy foods as well as some orange Gatorade for myself (I wanted it so badly on Tuesday night when I felt so terrible...that is my sick drink without a doubt). The medicine is a suppository...why?!? What sick kid that's already got stuff leaking out of his butt is keen on letting mom stick something back in it?!? Not mine;> I manage, after a few attempts, to get the thing to stay put without J pushing it back out and wish the boys a good night.

They slept peacefully but didn't sleep in late, which I was half expecting J to do since dr. said the medicine would make him sleepy and the kid was already zapped for energy already. My mom arrived at the apartment this morning to watch the boys for the day so I didn't have to miss another day of work (I still don't have sick time yet, and in order to avoid having to use a personal day, I'm already going to be working through lunch for the next two weeks on top of the lunches I'm not taking this week just to make up the time). J was down to one "loose BM" today and was definitely cashing in some energy reserves tonight, so I think he may be getting better at last. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Sorry to have posted such a long, icky-yucky post...but you're up to speed on my week now;>


Jomama said...

Wow. That really sucks. I hope all of you get better soon. I also hope this virus doesn't make it's way to my home!

Dr.Jeeeol said...

Seems to be the time for colds every where.

So Woo- do you want to get remarried? Do you want more kids?

Skyqueen said...

It is now official, Woo- you are SUPER FRIGGIN WOMEN!

Holy shit girl! I don't know how you made it through all that! I SO SO SO hope that it is over for you guys and you can get back on the road to well-being.

I can't even imagine how hard it must be to be in training for this new job and on the phone dealing w/ daycare too!

You amaze me w/ every new post!

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, you are mistaken.

Anonymous said...

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