Friday, June 09, 2006

Immunity conquers!!

J has finally kicked the evil stomach virus he had. His poop tonight was quite solid; I don't know when I've been happier to examine poop;> Of course this was a predictable recovery seeing as how he went to the dr. That's always the way it works, right? Once you think it's time to pay the co-payment and see the professionals, you are magically cured of all illness.

I'm anxiously awaiting NS's return from sea. He gets back on Monday...yippee! And he's got a nearly four-day weekend next week, which should be full of major shopping. I'm looking for a house (once I get a mortgage pre-qualification) and he's looking for a car.

I was reading some news stories today and one that caught my eye was about Oklahoma allowing the death penalty for repeat offenders convicted of child molestation. Some people's argument against this is that the death penalty is meant to punish a death, I guess an eye for an eye sort of deal. My problem with that theory is that while I would rather not see the death penalty in place at all (I would prefer another alternative to life in prison, though...I'll post more about my opinion on that if anyone cares), I understand that these states (I believe OK makes five now that are doing this, although none have been enforced yet) that allow capital punishment for these types of crimes are quite aware of the lack of success for rehabilitation with these types of criminals.

We all know that sex offenders shouldn't ever be allowed back into the public because statistics clearly show that they rarely ever manage to control themselves and end up committing the same type of crime again and again until they do escalate it to murder and get a life sentence/death sentence or commit enough crimes in the same area to get consecutive sentences that last a lifetime, but the fact is there isn't enough prison space to accommodate all of them. Have you taken a look at a sex offender registry? It's staggering to see the amount of convicted sex offenders there are, there is no way our current prison systems could ever lock them away as long as they should be, so the next logical step is to kill them off.

I can't say that I'm truly opposed to this step. I understand the kind of damage exposing a child to sex can do, and it isn't really fixable. They live with it forever and just have to learn to cope and get past it, but it always affects them and makes them see things differently and feel things differently and think about things in a different way from people that were exposed to sex once they were capable of understanding it, not to mention in a healthier, more informative way. If we can kill them off and prevent even half of these sex offenders from ever causing that damage to one of their future victims, then it is a justifiable means to an end as far as I'm concerned.


Dr.Jeeeol said...

Instead of the death penalty- I'd so be for a slow painful removal of testacles. I guarantee that will make people think twice before doing something unlawful :)

I should so be a judge.

Skyqueen said...

Yippy for HEALTH! So glad that things are on the solid end again, heee hee

as for the DP----I'm not really sure where I stand on it b/c it's never directly effected me, I'm sure I'd feel one way or another if it did. You make some good points though.