Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Anyone else...

Is there anyone out there that reads danielle's blog? If so, anyone else apprehensive about where she's been? I just hope that she made it to her new job last week and is alright. Her last post is certainly not one that leaves me with a good feeling. I'm afraid to email her and get no response, which would lead me to believe my fears are true. Anyone heard from her?

She posted an update. She started her job and has just been busy adjusting to the new schedule and such. I'm just happy to know that nothing terrible or irreversible happened and that she's on her way to getting back on her feet. I wish her the best of luck and know that she will find that these changes happened for good reasons.


Jomama said...

She emailed me on June 7 and I replied, but never got anything else back. I hope she's ok. I'm going to email her again.

Jomama said...

She wrote a post just for you!