Thursday, May 04, 2006

La fiesta...

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. Last night I went with some girls from work with my boys to a pre-celebration, I suppose, since everything was in the spirit of Mexico. It was a free event (with the exception of wanting food or beverage) with a live band and dancers to entertain the surprisingly small crowd.

There were quite a few activities set up for children, which my boys enjoyed. The first one we did was to "pick a duck" (okay, that wasn't really in the spirit of Mexico, I guess;>), which is where they have a few tables set up with ducks lined up. The ducks have numbers marked on their bottoms, which coordinate with prizes. M and J picked their ducks. J got a very cool little fish pinata (which has been named Nemo because all fish are Nemo, of course), and M ended up with a mini canvas tote bag with red handles and FIESTA colorfully embroidered with sequins on it...sounds incredibly girlie to describe, isn't really much less girlie in real life, but M isn't difficult to please when it comes to that kind of stuff, and he actually is quite fond of tote bags of all sorts.

The next "game" we played was a hat toss. Basically, a few tables set up with hats (sombreros) on different levels, you toss your sombrero, and if it lands on one on a table, you get to choose a sombrero to keep.

The girls from work loved my boys. Why wouldn't they? My boys turn on the charm for any group of female strangers; I don't have to wonder if they'll be well-behaved when I know they're meeting new people that happen to be chicas;>

Here they are post-game festivities:
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M was playing a little hard-to-get. He kept sliding the brim of his hat down over his face, so that you'd think he wasn't looking at you, but once you'd take a peek under the hat, you'd see he had a little smirk waiting;>

The boys also had fun with the "donkey" ride, which they got to do twice. I think only one of the four riding creatures was actually a donkey...pretty sure the others were ponies, but I guess donkies have a greater association to Mexico than ponies;>